TBox 8 x 600W Timer Box

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The TempoBox TBox 8 x 600w timer box is now available from Alchimia Grow Shop to help control the photoperiod of your indoor grow lamps.

This box allows you to safely control up to 8 x 630w LEC/CMH lamps, 8 x 600w MH/HPS, 12 x 400w MH/HPS or 16 x 315w LEC simultaneously.

TBox 8x600W timer box, compatible with up to 8 600w lamps

Measuring 241mm x 180mm x 95mm, it is made of resistant plastic with IP20 protection, so it must be fitted indoors, away from sources of water and moisture.

To install it, it requires two independent cables with earth, minimum 15 Amp each, at 230v/50Hz. For added safety, it is recommended to use an authorised installer to connect it to the mains electricity supply.

Once the two power lines to use are localised, we will install the box nearby, and connect each of the power lines to allow the flow of electricity and begin operation, using the two male plugs connected to the box.

We can now connect the LEC or HPS lighting systems we wish to control to the outputs on the side of the box and turn them on.

TBox 8 x 600W timer box, with built-in analogue timer

Now we can use the switch to turn it on, either in continuous mode or in timer mode by selecting the clock option. To set the time it turns on and off, we must pull the buttons out or push them in (out = on / in = off).

If you wish to connect or disconnect a lamp, it is necessary to turn off and unplug the box for maximum security. We do this by putting the knob on the O position and unplugging it from the electrical socket.

Once this is done, we can clean the outer parts and change any damaged fuses, in addition to the maintenance necessary for an optimal operation of our indoor cannabis grow.

TBox 8 x 600W Timer Box info:

  • Timer box with 8 connections
  • Dimensions: 241 x 180 x 95mm
  • IP20 protection
  • Compatible with 8 x 630w LEC lamps, 8 x 600w MH/HPS, 12 x 400w MH/HPS or 16 x 315w LEC
  • Must be connected to two independent power lines of 15 Amp minimum with earth
  • It is advisable to have it installed by an authorised installer for added security
  • Maximum power per line: 2520w
  • Maximum power auxiliary socket: 2400w
  • Required current: 230v/50Hz
  • 15 minutes minimum analogue timer
  • 48 hour power reserve

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