Parxtreme LEC 600W 3100K E40 bulb

Alchimia presents ParXtreme 600w LEC CMH 3100K bulb, a new model that will help revolutionise the CMH/LEC light market. It is the only lamp available with the potential to be used in regular 600w HPS ballast (magnetic and electromagnetic) and convent [...]

  • 149.00€ 119.20€

Vanguard LEC 315W E40 Bulb

Alchimia presents the Vanguard LEC 315w 3100K E40 bulb, a LEC/CMH bulb that incorporates E40 thread in order to be used in conventional reflectors designed initially to be used with HPS bulbs. It is now available in two different models; the 3100K w [...]

  • 3100K89.00€ 75.65€
  • 4000K89.00€ 75.65€

Nanolux CMH 315W Bulb

Alchimia presents the Nanolux CMH LEC 315w bulb, the evolution of conventional MH and HPS bulbs. These bulbs produce a broad spectrum of light and a much better ratio between the amount of light produced and energy consumption. Combined with a CMH l [...]

  • 3100K (Out of stock)80.00€
  • 4200K (Out of stock)80.00€

Lumatek 315w CMH LEC Bulb

Lumatek 315w CMH LEC bulbs are the original replacement for Lumatek Aurora 315w ceramic metal halide lighting systems. Lumatek 315w CMH bulbs have an operating life of 6 crops, after which the bulbs have to be replaced to prevent a reduction on ligh [...]

  • 3100K92.99€ 83.69€
  • 4200K92.99€ 83.69€

Lumatek DE 630W CMH LEC Bulb

Lumatek 630w CMH LEC DE (double ended) bulbs are the original replacement for Lumatek Tekken 630w ceramic metal halide lighting system. Lumatek 630w CMH DE bulbs are more stable and have an operating life of 6 crops, after which bulbs should be rep [...]

  • 3100K139.00€ 125.10€
  • 4200K139.00€ 125.10€
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Philips Master LEC CMH 315 w bulb

Alchimia invites you to discover the Philips Master Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) bulb, now available in our catalogue of LEC lighting Systems. Ceramic Metal Halide bulbs can only be used with ballasts specific to CMH or LEC, for example the SunBurst C [...]

  • 4200K Master Color CDM-TP MW125.00€ 106.25€
  • 3100K Master GreenPower Elite Agro125.00€ 100.00€

Lumii Solar Pro Double Ended 630W 3200K CMH/LEC Bulb

Alchimia Grow Shop presents the Lumii Solar Pro Double Ended 630W CMH/LEC grow bulb with a light spectrum of 3200k, perfect for the flowering phase of cannabis, but also perfectly compatible with the vegetative growth period. This light bulb is comp [...]

  • (Out of stock)140.00€

Lumii Solar Pro CDM 315W light bulb

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop, the Lumii Solar Pro CDM 315w CMH/LEC bulb with a 3200K or 4200K light spectrum. The 3200K spectrum ideal grow light during the flowering stage of cannabis plants, although it can also be used throughout the entir [...]

  • 3200k (Out of stock)84.90€
  • 4200k (Out of stock)84.90€

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