LEC CMH bulbs

LEC CMH bulbs are an essential element for indoor cannabis gardening for those growers using LEC CMH equipment. CMH LEC bulbs are the evolution of HPS and HM bulbs, their light emitting ceramic technology greatly improves the light spectrum and reduces heat emission.

CMH bulbs have a longer operating life than HPS bulbs. These long-lasting bulbs can complete up to 6 cultivation cycles, with no need to replace them as frequently as HPS bulbs. Ceramic discharge metal-halide bulbs produce between 100 and 120 lumens per used watt, which makes them highly efficient bulbs.

LEC CMH bulbs creates a full spectrum light, that closely mimics the spectrum of the sun, making plants feel more comfortable throughout their growing cycle. The bulbs emit a greater amount of μmol/m² and produce a broad spectrum light, from blue to red and far red. By using LEC/CMH bulbs it's possible to increase the yield using less watts and saving on your electricity bill, as plant production can exceed a 1w = 1.6g ratio.

It is advisable to replace the bulbs every 6 cultivation cycles to produce optimal results; otherwise the decrease in lumens and light intensity will cause a reduction in yields.

We stock the best spare bulbs for LEC/CMH lamps, across all supply voltage ranges, 315, 630 and 1000w, suitable for the LEC/CMH lighting kits available online at Alchimia.

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Vanguard LEC 315W E40 Bulb - LEC CMH bulbs

Alchimia presents the Vanguard LEC 315w 3100K E40 bulb, a LEC/CMH bulb that incorporates E40 thread in order to be used in [...]

  • 4000K 89.00€ 80.10€
  • 3100K 89.00€ 80.10€
UP TO 20%

Philips Master LEC CMH 315 w bulb - LEC CMH bulbs

Alchimia invites you to discover the Philips Master Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) bulb, now available in our catalogue of [...]

  • 3100K Master GreenPower Elite Agro 125.00€ 100.00€
  • 4200K Master Color CDM-TP MW 125.00€ 106.25€

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