Lumatek 315w CMH LEC Bulb

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Lumatek 315w CMH LEC bulbs are the original replacement for Lumatek Aurora 315w ceramic metal halide lighting systems.

Lumatek 315w CMH bulbs have an operating life of 6 crops, after which the bulbs have to be replaced to prevent a reduction on light emission which can cause a yield reduction.

Lumatek CMH bulbs emit little heat and create a full light spectrum that provides the plant with all the colours needed for a complete cultivation cycle.

We can find 3100K bulbs with a chromatic tone in which reddish colours stand out for fast flowering plants such as Indica or Indica/Sativa hybrids or also for Sativa/indica hybrids.

There are also 4200K bulbs which are used for long-flowering plants which require more blue coloured light like late Sativas.

The start-up technology involves a rapid bulb ignition and its PCA makes it more resistant to interact with the chemical products inside the bulb, extending the bulb operating life and improving the luminous flux.

Lumatek 315w CMH bulb info:

  • Supply voltage: 240V 50Hz
  • Bulb Power (W): 315
  • Bulb Current (A): 3.15
  • Rated life (H): 14000
  • Initial Lumens (LM): 37000 (3100K); 38000 (4200K)
  • Luminous Efficacy (lm / W): 118(3100K); 121 (4200K)
  • PAR (micromoles / sec): 650 (3100K); 615 (4200K)
  • Bulb: T38
  • Base: PGZX18
  • CCT (K): 3100K (Agro) or 4200K (daylight)

Properties of Lumatek 315w CMH LEC Bulb

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