Lumatek DE 630W CMH LEC Bulb

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Lumatek 630w CMH LEC DE (double ended) bulbs are the original replacement for Lumatek Tekken 630w ceramic metal halide lighting system.

Lumatek 630w CMH DE bulbs are more stable and have an operating life of 6 crops, after which bulbs should be replaced to prevent a lumen loss which can cause a yield reduction.

They emit little heat and create a full light spectrum that provides to the plants all the colours necessary for a complete cultivation cycle, from blues for growth to red and far-red for better flowering.

We can find 3100K bulbs with a chromatic tone in which reddish and far-red colours stand out for fast flowering plants as Indicas or Indica/Sativa hybrids or for Sativa/Indica hybrids also fast flowering strains.

Also available 4200K bulbs used for long-flowering Sativa plants. They require more bluish tones as they have very pronounced stretching development.

This new bulb technology involves a rapid bulb ignition and their PCA makes them more resistant to interact with the chemicals inside the bulb. The bulb can be used for up to 6 crops without significant lumen loss and further enhancing the luminous flux.

Lumatek 630w CMH DE bulbs info:

  • Bulb Lumatek 630w 4K CMH 4200K
  • Power Voltage: 240V 50Hz
  • Lamp Power (W): 630
  • Lamp Current (A): 3.2
  • Rated Life (H): 14,000
  • CCT (K): 3100K (Agro) or 4200K (daylight)
  • Luminous Flux (lm): 77600 (3100K) and 64500 (4200K)
  • Luminous Efficacy (lm / W): 123 (3100K); 102 (4200K)
  • PAR (micromoles / sec): 1268 (3100K) and 1219 (4200K)
  • Bulb: T32.5
  • Base: K12x30s (Double Ended)

Properties of Lumatek DE 630W CMH LEC Bulb

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