Lumatek Utopia 630W/600W DE CMH/HPS 400V

Lumatek Utopia 630W/600W DE CMH/HPS 400V
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Utopia 630/600w DE CMH/HPS 400V is a compact lighting kit from the renowned brand of lighting systems Lumatek that has created a complete, new generation lamp, designed to use latest double-ended (DE) bulbs, and able to take both 600w DE HPS bulbs and 630w DE CMH bulbs.

Utopia 630/600w DE CMH/HPS 400V next generation illumination

This compact lamp with high quality finishes boasts the latest technology for digital ballasts. It can be used both in grow tents, open rooms or in greenhouses. Even though it is a compact unit, it can be separated and connecting by cable so that the ballast can be situated outside of the tent.

The kit consists of a dimmable electronic ballast, a hammered finish aluminum reflector with a light reflection index of 97% and excellent light diffusion.

It is a ballast with manually adjustable power of 80, 90 and 100% in case of connecting it to the Lumatek controller. It can be regulated in increments of 1% starting from 80% up to 110% potency.

Plus, with the Lumatek control panel, you can manage up to 400 pieces of equipment at the same time and enjoy important growing options such as automated light dimming, temperature control, and safety protection.

Available options:

  • Complete system with 2 bulbs HPS 600w DE and CMH 630w DE
  • Complete system without bulbs
  • Complete system with 1 HPS 600w DE bulb
  • Complete system with 1 CMH 630w DE bulb

Technical specifications Utopia 630/600w DE CMH/HPS 400V

  • Input voltage: 220-240V 50 /60Hz
  • Power consumption (at 100%): 660W
  • Input current: 2.7 - 3.0A
  • Efficiency: 95%
  • Light distribution: 140º
  • Bulbs: 630W CMH DE 240V and 600W HPS DE 400V
  • Reflector: 97% focal reflective Alanod Hammertone
  • Dimmable: 80% -90% -100%
  • Power factor:> 0.98
  • THD: <10%
  • External control: with Lumatek Digital Panel
  • Dimensions: 712x251x108 mm
  • Weight: 4.35 kg
  • Certificates: CE

Characteristics of Lumatek Utopia 630/600w DE CMH/HPS 400V

  • Ballast: Electronic dimmable
  • Type: CMH and HPS DE
  • Used with double-ended bulbs
  • Compact mounting option or separate ballast and reflector
  • Can be connected with Lumatek controller
  • Hammertone reflector 97% reflection
  • High performance ballast
  • Bulb not included

Properties of Lumatek Utopia 630W/600W DE CMH/HPS 400V

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Opinions about Lumatek Utopia 630W/600W DE CMH/HPS 400V and questions


Confidential Is an Alchimia client 17-07-2023
Can this one be used in a mini tent, a small tent for microgrow?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 17-07-2023

Hello, 1x1 meter should be the minimum. Best regards!

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