Electronic ballast Lumatek Dimmable

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The electronic ballast from Lumatek with variable power control allows to work with a 50%, 75% ,100% or 110% (Super Lumens) of its performance allowing so to dose the required power in each moment of the crop cycle.

In the case of the 600w ballast, apart from being adjustable to various power settings: 250w, 400w, 600w and 660w, it can also be connected in series to a Digital controller for programming, from using it as a simple timer, such as simulating the rising or setting of the sun, or program the progressive rise or fall of the output of the electronic ballast. This controller is the Lumatek Panel Plus Digital 2.0 (sold separately) and allows, among other things, to control rooms of up to 400 lamps.

Main features of Lumatek ballasts:

  • They offer up to 10% more lumens which means a higher yield.
  • Also characterized by its rapid implementation in less than 1 minute compared with 20' of electromagnetic ballasts.
  • They are silent
  • Include safety circuits
  • They are lighter than magnetic ballasts. Its weight is 4.5 Kg
  • They produce less heat.
  • Compatible with bulbs HPS (High Sodium Pressure) and MH (metal halide).
  • They offer a longer life of the light bulb.

With electronic ballasts plants will grow better and usually your cannabis crop is more abundant.

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Opinions about Electronic ballast Lumatek Dimmable and questions


jorge 28-10-2016 can i run with 600 watt ballast (european plug) 400watt bulb on 400 watt power


Alchimia Grow Shop 31-10-2016

Hi jorge,

Yes, there's no problem at all, either HPS or MH bulbs.

All the best!

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