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Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V Electronic Ballast

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V electronic ballast, designed to operate with 400V Double Ended lamps. Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V electronic ballast, for Double Ended lamps This professional ballast is plugged in at 220 [...]

  • 335.00€

Lumatek 1000W Controllable Electronic Ballast

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lumatek 1000W controllable electronic ballast, 30% more efficient than traditional magnetic ballasts, and compatible with HPS and HM lamps. Lumatek 1000W controllable electronic ballast, compatible with the Lumatek Contro [...]

  • 335.00€

Xtrasun 600w electronic ballast

Xtrasun 600w Ballast with adjustable power, electronic quality at a very competitive price. This ballast is ideal for indoor grow tents from 1-1.20 m2 volume. It is also an excellent option for smaller growing areas as the power can be regulated to [...]

  • 95.00€

Ballast Xtrasun magnetic 250w

Xtrasun 250w Magnetic Ballast is the ideal equipment for indoor cannabis growers cultivating in small grow areas from 50cm2 to 80cm2. This magnetic ballast is protected by a metal case with ventilation slots that helps dissipate heat generated by th [...]

  • 39.00€

Newlite 600W dimmable electronic ballast

Alchimia Grow Shop offers this Newlite 600W dimmable electronic ballast, to supply power to the MH or HPS bulb in our indoor cannabis grow. This digital ballast works very efficiently, saving energy and extending the useful life of our 600W bulbs. [...]

  • 105.00€

Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600 W Controllable Ballast

Here at Alchimiaweb we are happy to present the Lumatek Pro 600w controllable electronic ballast better known as Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W. It works at two different voltages, 240V and 400V. The ballast detects automatically the bulb voltage once con [...]

  • 189.00€

Nanolux electronic ballast

The electronic ballast Nanolux sets a precedent in the market, as it the smallest, most compact ballast in existence, ideal for keeping your indoor marijuana crop tidy and running. It is compatible with multiple voltages and adapts automatically to [...]

  • 250w (Product sold out)105.00€

400w Alchimia ballast by Lumii Tima 18/12

Alchimia Lumii, electromagnetic 400w compact ballast by Alchimia, has been specifically designed for indoor cannabis farming. It is the first ballast on the market with a built-in digital timer that allows us to use it in 3 different positions; for g [...]

  • (Product sold out)79.00€

Electronic Ballast with dimmer

The Bolt Electronic Ballast has a very precise power regulator with 4 different positions. This dimmer allows the user to regulate the intensity and energy consumption of the lamp depending on the stage of the plant, providing substantial improvemen [...]

  • 400 w - European Plug140.00€
  • 600w - European Plug165.00€

Electronic Ballast 250W

250W Electronic encapsulated electronic ballast, perfect for the lighting system in indoor marijuana growing due to its efficiency and light weight. This ballast incorporates a microprocessor that ensures a constant electric current and provides the [...]

  • European Plug120.00€

Newlite 600w ballast

Here at Alchimiaweb we're proud to present the Newlite 600w electromagnetic ballast, a great lighting system option for any indoor grow which needs a ballast to work. This sealed ballast has an electronic ignition system to be used with 600w HP [...]

  • 65.00€

Electronic ballast Lumatek

The electronic ballast from Lumatek with variable power control allows to work with a 50%, 75% ,100% or 110% (Super Lumens) of its performance allowing so to dose the required power in each moment of the crop cycle. Main features of Lumatek ballast [...]

  • 400w149.00€
  • 600w178.00€

Electonic ballast Lumatek 250w

Lumatek present their 250w electronic ballast for Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lamps, featuring adjustable output and a Super Lumens setting, which boosts output by 10% in 250w lamps. The smallest electronic ballast in the Lumatek range, des [...]

  • 132.00€

ETI class 2 IP65 ballast - 400 w

ETI class 2 IP65 are high quality encapsulated ballasts which increase light performance. They are ready to be connected since they come with a 2 meter wiring connection to the electricity network, and a 3 meter cable from the ballast to the lamp, w [...]

  • (Product sold out)48.00€

Xtrasun magnetic ballast

Alchimia presents here the Xtrasun Magnetic Ballast, compatible with both HPS and MH lamps. Xtrasun Magnetic Ballast - robust, safe and easy to use This housed ballast is silent, robust and safe, allowing you to i [...]

  • 400 w (Product sold out)45.00€
  • 600 w48.00€

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