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Xtrasun 600w electronic ballast

Xtrasun 600w Ballast with adjustable power, electronic quality at a very competitive price.

This ballast is ideal for indoor grow tents from 1-1.20 m2 volume. It is also an excellent option for smaller growing areas as the power can be regulated to 250w, 400w, 600w and Super Lumen function. It is certainly a very versatile product for all growers’ demands.

It has very little loss of energy on operation getting full benefit of the light power produced. The plants consequently grow better and produce higher buds yield.

Xtrasun 600w electronic Ballast

 This quiet ballast has an elegant design and a standard size. It can be placed either vertically on the wall, or horizontally above the grow tent or above the cultivation space.

It releases very little heat and it dissipates easily thanks to the extruded aluminium from which it is made. As it is not overheated, does not cause a rise in temperature in the crop, so it can be placed both inside and outside the grow tent, although we always recommend placing it outside.

This ballast is compatible with any reflector and HPS bulbs not exceeding 600w. In case of operating the ballast at a lower power you can also use bulbs below 600w, always adjusting the power of the ballast and bulb.

It has a simple Plug and Play connection for an easy assembly without having to connect any cable. In addition has a thermal PTC protection.

As there are no flickers to transform the light into a continuous form, the ballast provides up to 30% more performance than the typical magnetic ballasts.

Xtrasun 600w Ballast with adjustable power info:

  • Power: 600w
  • Adjustable power: Yes
  • Adjustable power: 250w, 400w, 600w and Super Lumen
  • Electronic ballast
  • Material: Extracted Aluminium
  • Connection: Plug And Play
  • Ideal for 1.20m2 indoor grow tents
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