Lighting kit Adjust a Wings Defender White XL- Bloom

Warning! It is essential to set the ballast to the 400w position so that the included bulb (400w) is not damaged. Setting the position of the ballast to 600w may cause the bulb to explode.

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Full lighting kit that has as an essential element the reflector Adjust a Wings Defender XL White, along with all items that will make it easier to get the maximum production and quality in your indoor marijuana cultivation.

It consists of a HPS Sylvania lamp with orange color spectrum, and it offers just enough lumens to grow within an area of up to 1.80 x 2.2m, whereas if we use the light rail we will cover up to 2.40 x 1.20m.

It is served with a power supply/ballast, compatible with both HM and HPS bulbs, according to the growth phase in which we find ourselves.

As mentioned, the reflector included is the Adjust a Wings Defender White XL, whose new reflection technology make decrease the temperature a few degrees near the top of the plants, making more efficient the distribution of lumens with the help of the Super Spreader included.

As suspensory method and to ease the situation of the focus on the tent, two Alchimia LightHangers are also included.

Components of Lighting Kit Adjust a Wings Defender XL White 400w:

Although the ballast is dimmable, it is important never to exceed the maximum bulb power, in this case 400W, otherwise the bulb will be damaged (it may melt or even blow). The electronic dimmable ballast has the advantage that, if at a later stage one wants to increase the cultivation production, it will only be necessary to replace the bulb with a new 600W one.

Components of Lighting Adjust a Wings Defender XL White 600w

  • Reflector Adjust a Wings Defender XL White
  • 600w magnetic ballast
  • Flowering Bulb Sylvania 600w
  • 2 Alchimia LightHangers
  • Super Spreader
  • Cable 3x1.5 Black Plug & Play


Non-contractual picture.
Some components may differ from the picture depending on the stock offered by the manufacturer at any given time.
The component may vary and will always be replaced by one of equal or superior characteristics.

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