Adjust-a-Wings lighting kit

Adjust-a-Wings lighting kits come with 400 and 600W Sylvania lamps (bloom spectrum), a magnetic ballast and, of course, an Adjust-a-Wings grow light reflector, either Defender, Enforcer or Avenger models.

You'll also find a kit including a 250W MH bulb, ideal for those who want to keep some mother plants and get the most out of their lamps.

Adjust-a-wings kits include the following components:

  • Medium or large Adjust-a-wings reflector
  • Magnetic VDL ballast
  • Sylvania bulb (bloom spectrum)
  • Alchimia Lighthangers

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Lighting kit Adjust a Wings Avenger XL - Bloom

Set of elements for the light installation of your indoor growing room, that will ensure that your plants get the needed light with safety and security. It consists of a [...]

  • 600W 219.44€ 197.45€
  • 400W 261.44€ 235.25€

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger XL 1000w DE kit presents Adjust-A-Wings Avenger XL 1000w DE Lighting Kit, which includes a growth or flowering lamp and all the necessary elements to install and operate upon arriv [...]

  • Bloom 594.36€ 534.90€
  • Grow 633.44€ 570.05€
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