Adjust-A-Wings Defender White XL 1000w DE Lighting Kit

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  • Protect the planet presents Adjust-A-Wings Defender White XL 1000W DE Lighting Kit, including all the necessary elements to directly use in our indoor grow tent.

Adjust-A-Wings Defender White XL 1000W DE lighting kit, professional and efficient

It is designed to meet the needs of the most experienced growers, with an excellent light output as well as a great energy efficiency. Ideal for use in a 150cm x 150cm indoor grow tent where it makes the most of the energy invested.

The Newlite HPS 1000W Double Ended lamp, with a choice of either for growth or flowering, offering a bluish or reddish spectrum. It maximises the plant photosynthetic efficiency stimulating greater development and harvest.

The power unit is a Lumatek 1000W electronic controllable ballast. A safe and efficient unit that offers higher PAR/PPF levels than most ballasts and up to 30% more lumen output. It maximises energy efficiency by reducing heat loss.

Adjust-A-Wings Defender White XL 1000W DE lighting kit, with a premium white reflector

The kit includes the Adjust-a-Wings Defender XL + Hellion and super spreader, a professional reflector in a gull wings shape. It is made of flexible aluminium covered with a Titanium White powder coating, with a 92% reflection rate, with a uniform and diffuse light footprint.

It incorporates a Hellion Double Ended socket to operate with Double Ended bulbs up to 1000W. It is designed to extend the lamp service life to the maximum, thanks to the double socket system that minimises the wear and tear produced by the current on the lamp, making start-up less aggressive.

It includes a hanging system consisting of two Alchimia Light Hangers pulleys which can withstand a weight of up to 5kg.The spotlight can be adjusted in height comfortably, efficiently and safely.

Adjust-A-Wings Defender White XL 1000W DE lighting Kit info:

  • 1x Newlite HPS lamp 1000w DE 2.0
  • 1x Lumatek 1000w dimmable electronic ballast
  • 1x Adjust a Wings Defender XL Reflector with Hellion DE socket and Super Spreader
  • 1x pair of 5kg Alchimia Light Hangers


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