Lumatek Utopia 630W/600W CMH/HPS Ballast

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Utopia 630/600w DE CMH/HPS is an electronic controlled hybrid ballast where both HPS and CMH double-ended (DE) bulbs can be operated. This feature adds a plus of usability to this quality ballast, equipped with potentiometer, dimming from a range of 80, 90 and 100% power.

Lumatek develops equipment that delivers a precise and stable voltage to the lamp, with a PAR/PPF output that also features an intelligent ignition. It has smooth dimming, generates little heat and is silent. It incorporates as safety measures, full circuit protection, over/under voltage, over temperature, EMI/EMC suspension. It is EC certified.

Lumatek Utopia 630/600 DE CMH/HPS ballast is an excellent option to take into account in case of disposing of HPS and CMH bulbs. It can be controlled by the Lumatek Control Panel, which enables the combined use of up to 400 devices, facilitating the growing environment control, light synchronisation, automation, safety control, dusk/dawn mode and light attenuation in three levels of 80, 90 and 100%.

Lumatek Utopia 630/600w DE CMH/HPS ballast technical specifications:

  • Ballast power: 630/600w HPS/CMH
  • Input voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Input current 2.7 - 3.0A
  • Power consumption (100%): 660W
  • Dimming: 80%-90%-100%
  • 630W CMH 24 & 600W HPS 400V lamps
  • 95% Efficiency
  • Control via Lumatek Control Panel

Properties of Lumatek Utopia 630W/600W CMH/HPS Ballast

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