Lumatek Led ZEUS 465w Pro 2.9

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Lumatek Zeus 465w Pro 2.9 is the evolution of the Zeus 465w model of the year 2020, which already left its mark on the international cannabis market. It provides users with a cultivation tool with excellent performance and potential, becoming high quality LEDs that do not deceive growers.

Lumatek Zeus 465w Pro 2.9, more efficient and ideal for 1.44 m2

Zeus Pro 2.9 model ensures better performance, obtaining with the same power a better production thanks to the PPF improved in 1353umol/s and efficiency in 2.9 umol/J. Due to its power and efficiency, it becomes the perfect option for those who use a 1.20 x 1.20 m grow tent.

As its previous version, it is made up of a structure based on bars arranged on a reinforced and light chassis. It is easy to assemble, and it is also simple to replace the LED bars in case you want to change them with new ones if necessary. Even modify the Led Zeus 465w to the new Pro 2.9 model just by replacing the 93w bars.

The LED bars arrangement allows an equal distribution of light on the plants, providing a balanced growth and flowering evenly distributed throughout the grow room, preventing light concentrations in the central areas and making the best use of the sides.

Lumatek Zeus, facilitates temperature control

Lumatek Zeus 465w Pro 2.9 emits little heat above the plants so it can be closer to the canopies. It facilitates light penetration so that the lower branches remain with compact flowers and thus obtaining a significant increase in the final yield.

The LED is composed of Lumled and Osram diodes, internationally recognised brands that allow us to work with top quality materials that are constantly evolving to improve the LED's efficacy year after year during cultivation. This LED diode mix provides a stable light with all the colours that plants require for the best cannabis growth and flowering.

IP65 protection, easy to clean and maintain

It comes with an IP65 protection against humidity that provides resistance and security to the lighting equipment. The protective cover with Clear Glue not only protects the bars from humidity, but also ensures a light transmission of 99%. To clean the bar protection, simply wipe it off with a moistened cotton swab.

This LED device is externally controllable and can be connected directly to the Plus 2.0 control panel that can control up to 200 devices. It provides control functions that can only be used with the controller, such as light timing, automatic dimming in 1% increments, safety temperature control and sunrise and sunset mode.

Lumatek Zeus 465w Pro 2.9 info:

  • Efficacy: 2.9umol/J
  • PPF: 1353umol/s
  • Clear Glue protective cover
  • 5 year warranty
  • Plug & play assembly
  • 93w 2.9 Pro replaceable bars
  • Full Spectrum
  • Dimensions: 998 x 900 x 51.9mm
  • Dimmable in intensity (controller included)

Properties of Lumatek Led ZEUS 465w Pro 2.9

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