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Honey Cream - Royal Queen Seeds

Alchimia presents here the Honey Cream from Royal Queen Seeds, a perfect genetics for all sweet Indica lovers, being a fast flowering variety but with abundant harvests. Now available in our feminized seed catalog. Honey Cream has become a classic o [...]

  • 3 seeds20.00€ 17.00€
  • 5 seeds30.00€ 24.00€
  • 10 seeds55.00€ 46.70€

Sour Apple Kiss - Elev8 Seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Sour Apple Kiss by Elev8 Seeds, now available in our feminised seeds catalogue. Sour Apple Kiss, very powerful cannabis with complex terpenes Sour Apple Kiss is a cross between Apple Fritter x Sour Patch Kiss. Apple Fri [...]

  • 6 seeds (Product sold out)95.00€ 80.70€

Bubba Kush x Purple Punch - Ripper Seeds

Alchimia presents Bubba Kush x Purple Punch by Ripper Seeds in limited edition, seeds exclusively in feminised format. Bubba Kush x Purple Punch, flavours of damp earth and red fruits It is a cross between Bubba Kush, one of the veteran OG Kush pla [...]

  • 24.00€ 20.35€
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Velvet Moon - Green House seeds

Alchimia is happy to present Velvet Moon by Greenhouse Seeds in feminized format. Velvet Moon cannabis strain, with instant effect and spicy sweet flavours with earthy lemon hints, medium-high production. Velvet Moon, Do-Si-Dos crossed with one of t [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)12.50€ 10.00€
  • 5 seeds (Product sold out)17.50€ 14.85€
  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)32.50€ 27.60€
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Niagara - Doctor's Choice

Niagara from Doctor's Choice has splashed down here at Alchimia, a feminised autoflowering Indica variety that produces large, compact buds completely coated in resin, an ideal choice for making cannabis concentrates.Niagara is a cross between the f [...]

  • 1 seed7.50€ 5.60€
  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)22.00€
  • 5 seeds36.00€ 28.75€
  • 10 seeds70.00€ 56.00€

Outdoor Grapefruit - Female Seeds

The Outdoor Grapefruit variety has been created by Female Seeds to get a Sativa dominant cannabis strain , early to flower and resistant, adapted to be grown outdoors to offer an intense grapefruit flavoured plant, ready to be harvested from late Sep [...]

  • 4 seeds22.00€ 16.45€
  • 10 seeds51.00€
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Purple by Pyramid Seeds - Pyramid Seeds

Alchimia is proud to present Purple from Pyramid Seeds. A 50/50 Sativa-Indica hybrid developed to offer a beautiful display of violet colours at harvest time. Pyramid Seeds Purple produces quite compact plants, with sizes from 70 to 120 cm in indoor [...]

  • 1 seed7.00€ 5.20€
  • 5 seeds30.00€ 24.00€

White Widow CBD - 00 Seeds Bank

White Widow CBD from 00 Seeds Bank is a feminized cannabis variety rich in CBD and low in THC. This is the medical cannabis version of White Widow, with a smoother effect thanks to its high CBD content. This variety produces plants that are easy to [...]

  • 5 seeds19.50€ 16.55€

Sugar Black Rose Auto - Delicious Seeds

Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop, Sugar Black Rose Auto - from Delicious Seeds - is one of the most flavorful varieties of this bank, which comes from the crossing between Kritikal Bilbo Auto x Black Domina 98 Auto, being harvested after 55 days o [...]

  • 3 seeds30.00€ 24.00€
  • 5 seeds46.00€ 36.75€
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S.A.D. Auto (Sweet Afghani Delicious) - Sweet Seeds

S.A.D. Auto by Sweet Seeds is the feminised autoflowering version of their classic cannabis strain S.A.D. (Sweet Afghani Delicious S1), itself a self-pollination an elite Black Domina clone, of one of the most powerful, aromatic and stable mother pl [...]

  • 3 seeds + 1 free seed 18.50€ 13.85€
  • 5 seeds + 2 free seeds30.70€ 24.55€
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Lafanta Light Auto - LightBuds

Light Buds Seeds presents Lafanta Light Auto from, a feminised auto-flowering cannabis variety with a high CBD content and low THC levels. Available now at in our online seed catalogue. Lafanta Light Auto - High CBD, low THC automatic [...]

  • 2 seeds16.00€ 12.00€
  • 4 seeds28.00€ 22.35€
  • 7 seeds44.00€
  • 12 seeds58.00€

Monster Mash - Exotic Seed

Monster Mash is a mostly Indica hybrid developed by Exotic Seeds by combining a Kush line with their autoflowering version of Black Domina. Now available in Alchimiaweb's catalog of feminized seeds. Thus, this Kush x (Black Domina x Skunk auto) F5 h [...]

  • 3 seeds27.00€ 21.60€
  • 5 seeds45.00€ 36.00€
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Delicious Candy Early - Delicious Seeds

Delicious Seeds present Delicious Candy Early, a new fast-flowering version of a popular strain from their catalogue, Delicious Candy, a powerful and productive hybrid combining the world famous elite clone UK Cheese with another of Delicious Seeds w [...]

  • 3 seeds21.00€ 17.85€
  • 5 seeds34.00€ 28.85€
  • 10 seeds66.00€ 52.75€

Kush del arriero - Paisa Grow Seeds

Kush del arriero is a feminized Indica strain created by Paisa Grow Seeds and now available in Alchimia Grow Shop. This Kush genetics grows compact, with short internodal distance and dark green leaves. It is then suitable for growing cannabis in sm [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)21.00€ 16.75€

Critical Soma - Advanced Seeds

Alchimia presents Critical Soma from Advanced Seeds, a new variety crossing Critical with Somango, it's a vigorous hybrid combining the fast and highly-productive flowering of Critical with the intense tropical aromas of Somango. When cultivated ind [...]

  • 1 seed9.50€ 7.55€
  • 3 + 1 Seeds27.50€ 22.00€
  • 10 + 3 Seeds80.00€
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White Domina - Kannabia - Kannabia

White Domina from Kannabia seed bank is one of the most popular strains in its catalog. From the crossing between Ortega Indica, Hash Plant, Northern Lights and Afghani, a precious mostly Indica specimen arose, easy to grow and with a flowering peri [...]

  • 1 seed7.20€ 5.40€
  • 3 seeds18.00€ 14.35€
  • 5 seeds25.00€ 21.20€

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