LEC CMH Lighting Kit

CMH/LEC Lumii Solar 315W kit

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop, the CMH/LEC Lumii Solar 315W lighting kit + CDM bulb. This kit allows us to obtain more abundant and better quality harvests than with traditional HPS/MH lamps. This is possible thanks to the design of the Lumii [...]

  • 3200K bulb (Product sold out)199.90€
  • 4200 bulb (Product sold out)199.90€

Lighting kit LEC SunBurst CMH 315W 3100k

Alchimia is proud to present the SunBurst CMH 315W, 3100K lighting system, an efficient and economical option now available in our catalogue of indoor cannabis growing equipment. Ceramic Metal Halide lamps (CMH, also known as CDM - Ceramic Discharge [...]

  • (Product sold out)399.00€

Lumatek Aurora 315w CMH LEC 3100 K

The Aurora is the new LEC CMH lighting system from Lumatek, a company well-known for producing high quality HPS electronic ballasts with adjustable power. Lumatek presents Lumatek Aurora, a 315w ceramic discharge metal-halide kit. A quality lighting [...]

  • 324.99€

CMH/LEC Lumii Solar 630W CDM Double Ended Kit

The Lumii Solar CDM 630 Double Ended LEC CMH lighting system is now available at Alchimiaweb.com, combine it with the LEC Lumii Solar Pro DE 630W bulb and maximise your harvest of buds. The kit consists of a 630W LH CMH ballast with a built-in high [...]

  • Without bulb (Product sold out)330.00€
  • With 3200 K bulb (Product sold out)399.50€

Phantom Dual CMH 2x315w

The new LEC lighting system, Phantom Dual 315w CMH System with Philips 3100K-4200K LEC/CMH lighting, is a based on one electronic ballast that powers two 315w LEC CMH bulbs using two separate reflectors. The Phanton Dual 315w illumination kit is hig [...]

  • with Philips 3100K-4200K Bulbs599.00€

kit Lumatek Plus CMH 315w

Lumatek Plus 315w CMH is a new full spectrum lighting kit. It is the ideal kit for indoor growers who want to move from HPS light to CMH/LEC lighting without the need to change the reflector. The indoor grow light reflectors type “adjust a win [...]

  • (Product sold out)325.00€

Sun System LEC 315w

Sun System LEC 315w is a LEC lighting system created for growing cannabis indoors using new lighting technologies, based on high-performance ceramic halides and a broad light spectrum that makes them very efficient grow lamps. The equipment consists [...]

  • with Philips 3100k bulb485.00€

Lumii Solar 630w CMH/LEC (2 x 315W)

This Lumii Solar 630w CMH/LEC fixture is a Ceramic Metal Halide lamp that holds connection for two 315w CMH bulbs, allowing us to give our plants the perfect light spectrum, combining two bulbs as the grower pleases. The lamp is made up of the refle [...]

  • Without bulb (Product sold out)260.00€
  • 2 Bulbs 3200K (Product sold out)386.80€
  • 1 bulb 4200k + 1 bulb 3200k (Product sold out)386.80€
  • 2 bulbs 4200k (Product sold out)386.80€

Nanolux CMH 1000w Light Kit

Nanolux presents its CMH 1000w lighting system, composed of a ballast and a reflector specially designed to use a ceramic metal halide bulb and perfect for indoor cannabis cultivation. Now available online at Alchimiaweb! Direct descendants of tradi [...]

  • without bulb (Product sold out)605.00€
  • + 3100K Bulb (Product sold out)680.00€

Nanolux CMH LEC 630w Fixture

Nanolux CMH 630w Fixture is a Ceramic Metal Halide lighting system. It is made up of two components: a 630w ballast and a quality reflector, made in Germany, with a high reflection capacity up to 97% to take full advantage of the light emitted by the [...]

  • without bulbs450.00€
  • 3100K and 4200K Bulb (Product sold out)610.00€
  • + 2 Bulbs 3100K (Product sold out)610.00€

Lumatek Tekken Pro 630w LEC CMH DE

Lumatek Tekken KIT is the new LEC CMH CMD lighting system from Lumatek, a company well-known for producing quality electronic ballasts with adjustable power. Lumatek introduces the Tekken Kit, a 630w CMH ceramic discharge metal-halide kit. A quality [...]

  • Hammertone reflector w/ 3100 K Bulb450.00€
  • Hammertone reflector w/ 4200 k bulb450.00€
  • MIRO® reflector w/ 3100 K Bulb475.00€
  • MIRO® reflector w/ 4200 K Bulb475.00€

Nanolux 315w CMH LEC Fixture

The Nanolux 315w CMH Fixture is a ceramic discharge metal-halide light with an electronic ballast, a technology better known as LEC, CMH or CMD, which can produce a broad spectrum of light that simulates sunlight, from blue for compact plant growth t [...]

  • without bulb (Product sold out)340.00€
  • With 3100 K Bulb (Product sold out)420.00€

NewLite 630W LEC CMH lighting system

Newlite invites you to discover its 630W CMH lighting system, offering double-ended bulbs capable of delivering high lighting power for less energy consumption compared to conventional systems, now available in the indoor cultivation catalogue here a [...]

  • 4200 K double-ended bulbs (Product sold out)620.00€

Newlite 315W CMH Lighting Kit

Alchimia invites you to discover in its indoor cannabis equipment catalogue, the Newlite 315W CMH Lighting Kit, a system that offers significant energy savings in addition to an efficiency incomparable with other lighting systems available on the mar [...]

  • without bulb (Product sold out)299.00€
  • + 3100K bulb (Product sold out)420.00€
  • + 4200K bulb (Product sold out)420.00€

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