Phantom Dual CMH 2x315w

Phantom Dual CMH 2x315w
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The new LEC lighting system, Phantom Dual 315w CMH System with Philips 3100K-4200K LEC/CMH lighting, is a based on one electronic ballast that powers two 315w LEC CMH bulbs using two separate reflectors.

The Phanton Dual 315w illumination kit is highly versatile and can be very interesting in indoor cultivation. You can use just one bulb with the second turned off or using both at the same time. This improvement represents an important saving in the vegetative growth stage, when not much light power is required to obtain a vigorous development. On the flowering phase, the two bulbs can be turned on making the most of the lighting equipment by increasing the plant production. In addition, the ballast has a potentiometer to be able to adjust the spotlights power in 60%, 85%, 100% or 105% according to the needs.

Phantom Dual 315w CMH, ideal for indoor cultivation

It dissipates heat better and emits less heat radiation than a Double-Ended bulb so plants can develop and bloom without as much stress while facilitating climate control with both temperature and humidity.

The two reflectors are made of first quality materials, aluminium, which ensures a 95% light reflection and an excellent light distribution. Depending on the enclosure height, ballast and reflectors can be mounted vertically. In case of low height or an indoor grow tent, the reflectors can be placed horizontally leaving the ballast at the same height as the reflectors.

The two reflectors are attached to the power-adjustable ballast which operates at low frequency using square wave technology. They are silent, reliable and efficient. The ballast has two light power buttons, one for each lights, so we can separately operate each of the bulbs.

The ballast is compatible with the Autopilot PX controller to which multiple units can be attached for total light control using different settings.

Phamtom Dual 315w CMH info:

  • Two reflectors
  • A single ballast
  • Aluminium reflector with 95% reflection
  • Silent
  • Adjustable power
  • 1 Phillips Master Green Power CMH 315w 3100K bulb
  • 1 Phillips Master Color ELITE CMH 315w 4200K bulb

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