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Black rubber male plug with earth

Type F bipolar 2-pole male connection plug with eartht, also called schuko, for electric appliances that do not have the plug included. Made of high quality plastic and resistant for a long life. The maximum power rating is 10/16A 250 [...]

  • F Type Schuko, European (Product sold out)2.10€

Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx glasses

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop, the Method Seven Agent 939 LEDFx Glasses, compatible with both LED panels and LEC/CMH lighting systems.These glasses have been designed to offer maximum comfort when working on your crop, protecting your eyes from [...]

  • 115.00€

EASY ROLLER - pulley (2 units)

EASY ROLLER is an adjustable pulley system, which has an easy installation and operation, designed for hanging reflectors in indoor growing. Quantity: Set of 2. [...]

  • 10.00€

Method Seven Aviator Clip-On Glasses

Here at alchimiaweb we're happy to present the Method Seven Aviator Clip On glasses, adapting the technology of the famous Method Seven glasses for cannabis cultivation. You can use it on any of your optical frames and appreciate the beautiful colour [...]

  • LED + 65.00€
  • HPS +65.00€

Newlite Vision HPS protection glasses

The NewliteVision glasses are designed to get the best vision in your indoor marijuana cultivation, and for this reason they are made ??of marterials of high quality and technology, that allow us to perceive the bright light of the bulb as if it was [...]

  • Full Pack Equipe (Product sold out)28.00€

Method Seven Resistance HPS Glasses

These innovative glasses, made ??of high quality materials, are designed to ensure the best vision and maximum comfort when working with your plants in your indoor marijuana growing. For this reason, only the finest materials were used and features a [...]

  • 145.00€

Method Seven Operator glasses

Alchimia presents here the Method Seven Operator glasses, designed to restitute the original colour of your plants while protecting our eyes from the radiations emitted by our lighting system. These Operator  glasses provide colour, clarity and [...]

  • LED +79.00€
  • HPS +79.00€
  • MH +79.00€

Luxmeter digital LX1330B

The Digital Light Meter made ​​of resistant plastic, is perfect for carrying around from one place to another. This device is designed to measure the amount of light in a room or in a particular part of it. The unit to measure "brightness" of li [...]

  • 90.00€

Europe plug adapter for UK

Adapter plug to connect European equipment to UK electrical sockets. This adapter allows you to connect all farming equipment purchased in Alchimia; a ballast, low consumption kits, fans, extractors, etc.. But not only that, for you can also adapt [...]

  • (Product sold out)3.50€

UK plug adapter for Europe

Adapter plug to connect UK equipment to European electrical sockets. This is a small 3-pin adapter that converts any UK device plug to the European or Continental standard. Ideal for adapting all the equipment of your indoor growing tent to the stan [...]

  • 3.50€

3x1.5 Power wire -Plug&Play Male

This power cable is ideal for connecting the bulb holder of the reflector to Plug&Play ballasts. On one end we have the wires ready for installation, while on the other end we have the male plug. The power wire is 1.5 metres long and has three 1 [...]

  • 1,5 m4.00€

P&P female black 3x1.5 cable

Now in Alchimia the 3x1.5 Plug & Play cable with female connector, designed to connect it to the base of the reflector, making easy the assembly and disassembly of the lighting installation in your indoor marijuana crop. This cable avoids having [...]

  • 4.00€

4m extension cord + plug

4m long extension cord with male and female plug, designed to connect electrical devices out of the reach of a socket. Now available in Alchimiaweb. European plug. [...]

  • 9.00€

Rolling cables extension 10 m

This high quality extension cable is 10 meters long and has 4 female plug socketss. It rolls the cables up without getting stuck. This rolling extension cable is a highly useful tool often needed when growing cannabis indoors. [...]

  • 18.50€

Alchimia Lighthangers 5kg (pair)

Now available for you, Alchimia LightHangers is a set of two pulleys with hook designed to hang your reflector with its pertinent light bulb, holding up to 5kg of weight. Its design allows us to easily raise and lower the lamp, pulling or releasing [...]

  • 4.90€

Power wire & plug

7005 pin, 707 base and 3 x 1.5 mm² hose: Bipolar with lateral T / T 250V 10/16A. Maximum power: 3,500 W. [...]

  • 4.00€

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