Mexican Magic Mushrooms Kit Tantandi

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Alchimia presents the famous Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana, a magic mushroom strain native to Mexico, undoubtedly responsible for much of the pre-Hispanic art and philosophy.

Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana, respected and revered by the pre-Hispanic cultures

This magic mushroom variety has accompanied Mexican culture for millennia. In times before the Spanish conquest, these hallucinogenic mushrooms were known as Teonanacatl (flesh of God). They were respected and revered by the local cultures. Nowadays these mushrooms are also known as “Pajaritos”, little birds.

These endogenous mushrooms are surely one of the varieties with the most history and baggage in their mycelium. It was also the first variety to be marketed in the Dutch Smart Shops due to its easy cultivation and controllable effects. Nowadays it is still the most widespread variety both in terms of consumption and cultivation.

Mexican hallucinogenic mushrooms, easy to grow and controllable effects

They are easy to cultivate, as they tend to grow in most conditions, always within the recommended parameters. They contain a similar and stable amount of psilocybin. Easily, the cake offers four harvests of Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana when grown in a heated mini-greenhouse. This maintains a temperature between 22-24º and a humidity between 60-80%.

The magic mushrooms develop a completely white stem with a light brown cap. Depending on the growing conditions, the cap may darken.

It produces effects that, although high, are more controllable than other hallucinogenic mushroom strains. The effects transport you to a visual world full of symbolism and forms typical of Mesoamerican culture, greatly encouraging introspection and a feeling of connection with the universe, i.e., with oneself.

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Opinions about Mexican Magic Mushrooms Kit Tantandi and questions


steve 24-03-2023
if i buy this stater kit how much does it produce and can i keep growing, or do i have to keep buying new spores

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 28-03-2023

Hello Steve, the production depends on many points so it's not easy to guess how much; after the first harvest you can keep growing and get more flushes.


Charles William Is an Alchimia client 01-03-2023
Q. My Tantandi kit is growing well but the mushrooms started to turn black. I suspect too much moisture/not enough airflow? Q. When do you harvest? Q How to dry and store? Thanks

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 14-03-2023

Hello, you can check our Blog to get more informations about mushrooms growing. Best regards!

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