Plant propagators

Plant propagators are the ideal solution to root clones and start seeds with an effectiveness close to 100%. They provide optimal environmental conditions for proper rooting and sprouting, with high relative humidity and warm temperatures.

You'll find two different models, depending on your needs. First, we have non-heated propagators for grow rooms with temperatures below 18°C. On the other hand, and if you have lower temperatures in your grow, your choice should be a heated propagator, that will always keep the correct temperature to successfully root cuttings and germinate seeds.

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20w Pure Mat Heating Mat

Alchimia presents the Pure Factory Pure Mat Heating Mat, ideal for maintaining a stable temperature in seedbeds, cuttings and mushroom cultivation. Pure Mat heating mat, f [...]

  • Without temperature regulator 18.90€ 17.00€
  • With temperature control 24.90€ 23.65€
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I-Clone Heating Mat

The I-Clone Heating Mat maintains a stable temperature ideal for seedbeds, rooting cuttings and magic mushroom cultivat [...]

  • 35x20cm (15w) 15.50€ 14.70€
  • 55x35cm (30w) 20.90€ 18.80€

Mini-Greenhouse - Small Propagator

Resistant, plastic mini-greenhouse, with a transparent plastic cover for the first phase of growth of seeds or clones/cuttings. Dimensions of small [...]

  • 38x24x18cm 12.99€ 11.65€

Plagron Seedbox

Plagron Seedbox is a kit for seedling with everything you need to start your marijuana crop in the best way possible. Already availab [...]

  • 27.15€ 21.70€

Large Mini-Greenhouse & Heating Mat

Kit consisting of a large mini greenhouse (56 x 38 x 23 x 23) together with a heating blanket. Depending on the option chosen, the heating blanket can be the [...]

  • not dimmable 20w (Out of stock) 40.90€ 36.80€
  • not dimmable 30w (Out of stock) 42.90€ 38.60€
  • Dimmable 20w (Out of stock) 46.90€ 42.20€

Mini-Greenhouse Propagator Large

Resistant plastic mini-greenhouse, with a transparent plastic cover for the first phase of growth of seeds or clones/cuttings. Pro [...]

  • (Out of stock) 22.00€
UP TO 10%

Mini Green House 22 x 22 cm

This durable, clear plastic mini greenhouse is ideal for usewhen the plants or seedlings are in their early stages as it protects them from adverse weather conditions such as wind [...]

  • Without pot 5.80€
  • Whith pot 7.95€ 7.15€

Mini Greenhouse with Heating

We present this robust mini greenhouse ideal for maintaining an optimal temperature and humidity for magic mushroom growth. It is also perfect for rooting our clon [...]

  • 38 x 24 x 19cm (Out of stock) 32.00€
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