McKennaii XP mushroom growing kit - Freshmushrooms
McKennaii XP mushroom growing kit - Freshmushrooms
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McKennaii XP mushroom growing kit - Freshmushrooms

Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue, Freshmushrooms McKenaii XP 1200ml mushroom cakes fully colonised with fresh and quality mycelium.

This magic mushrooms growing kit is extremely simple to use, containing all elements to start cultivation immediately.

The cake is made of sterile grain colonised with Psilocybe Cubensis McKenaii mycelium and placed in a 1200ml container.

The kit also includes a bag with an air renewal filter and a clip to seal it. The mycelium colonised cake is placed in the bag for its fructification.

Inoculated substrate with Psilocybe Cubensis McKenaii mycelium

We recommend using a heated mini-greenhouse instead of the bag. It facilitates maintaining temperature and humidity more stable. In this way the cultivation process will be more comfortable and efficient, achieving superior results.

The McKenaii mushrooms were discovered by the mythical American psychonaut Terence McKenna, who wrote the books "Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness", "Food of the Gods" and "True Hallucinations".

This variety develops not very large but robust and resistant mushrooms with a brown cap. They have a very high power, inducing an intensely visual and philosophical effect, ideal for experienced psychonauts and intense sensations lovers.

McKenaii mushrooms, extremely visual and powerful

Maintaining the cake with a temperature of 22-24ºC and a constant humidity of 60% to 80% the mushrooms will grow quickly, particularly if the instructions in the cultivation manual available online are followed.

Using a digital thermo-hygrometer to control culture environment temperature and humidity will make the task even easier and more precise.

If the culture has the best conditions and we maintain a good hygiene, we can obtain several harvest or Flush easily, collecting the first mushrooms in just about 15-20 days.

McKenaii XP mushroom cake info:

  • Psilocybe Cubensis McKenaii growing kit
  • 1200ml of fully colonized grain substrate
  • Fresh and quality mycelium
  • Offer up to 5 or 6 harvest if optimal conditions are maintained
  • First harvest in about 15 days
  • Includes bag with air filter and clip closure

Consult the Freshmushrooms cultivation manual:

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  • To preserve the quality of the mycelium and prevent it from being affected by the inclement weather, we renew the loafs stock frequently, which can cause the shipping time to oscillate slightly. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Mycelium loaves and spores are exclusively for mycological, ethnobotanical or ornamental studies.
  • They are not intended for agricultural or food use.
  • Fresh Mushrooms and Alchimia can not be held responsible for any illegal use that third parties may make of these products.
We suggest to not send this product to a collecting point since we can't control its preservation conditions and its adequate storage when arrives at the store.

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