FloraFlex Irrigation System is an innovative system that is sweeping the United States market thanks to its simplicity of installation, but its great versatility to set up a cannabis growing room with automatic irrigation.

It is important to highlight its simplicity of installation, composed of different elements that are combinable between them, which allow from watering a single pot to install a complex irrigation system in a professionalized room. This irrigation system is specifically designed for cannabis cultivation, especially for hydroponic growing systems using Coconut or Rock Wool, but can also be used in soil. In fact there are specific accessories to use them in pots with soil as substrate.

There are elements such as pots, tubes, picks, dispersers, pipes, drippers, water pumps, etc., up to Floraflex system specific elements such as PotPro pots or the FloraCap irrigation diffusion system.

Floraflex irrigation system helps to save significantly on fertilisers and water compared to a conventional system. The manufacturer specifies that the savings can reach up to 60%, reducing our costs and at the same time being a sustainable product helping to save natural resources.

Another Floraflex great advantage is that eradicates possible algal blooms that may appear in our pots, as it always keeps the upper part of the substrate dry thanks to underground drippers. Another great benefit is that the PotPro pots keeps the roots well aerated.

Featured products in Floraflex

Featured offers Floraflex

FloraFlex Air Bleed Valve

9.10€ 10.75€

Floraflex Round FloraCap

13.75€ 14.50€

Floraflex Round Flood and Drip Shield
Floraflex Quick Disconnect Set
FloraClip 2.0 (6mm)

0.45€ 0.50€

Floraflex Matrix System Kit

From 5.60€ 6.25€


Floraflex Matrix System Kit

Alchimiaweb.com presents the Matrix System Kit by Floraflex, elements designed to automatically irrigate your pots using a water pump or watering timer. This kit is available in 9.0"-10.5" (22.9cm - 26.9cm) and 7.5"-9.0" (19cm - 22.9cm). Matrix Syst [...]

  • 19cm – 22.9cm6.25€ 5.60€
  • 22.9cm - 26.9cm7.81€ 7.00€

FloraFlex Tubing 1/4"

Now available at Alchimiaweb.com the FloraFlex Tubing 1/4", a flexible connection tube for the FloraFlex Matrix systems and other automatic watering equipment from this manufacturer. The tube is made of food-grade flexible vinyl. It has a diameter o [...]

  • 8cm0.11€
  • 25cm0.18€
  • 120cm0.78€

Floraflex nutrients V1

Floraflex Nutrients presents V1, a growing fertiliser designed by Floraflex team to offer the cultivator a quality, versatile and simple to use nutrient. It provides all necessary elements for a cannabis plant perfect development. This fertiliser ha [...]

  • 0.46L18.14€ 13.60€

Floraflex Nutrients V2

Floraflex Nutrients presents V2, a growth fertiliser formulated by Floraflex team. A product that offers the cultivator a quality, versatile and simple to use nutrient with all the necessary elements for our cannabis plants perfect development. This [...]

  • 0.46L24.19€ 18.10€

Floraflex Nutrients B2

Floraflex presents B2, a fertiliser to use during the plant flowering stage that together with the Floraflex Nutrients B1 provides an optimal nourishment to our garden. Floraflex has designed these high quality fertilisers, clean and with a stable pH [...]

  • 0.46L24.19€ 18.10€

Floraflex Nutrients B1

Floraflex presents B1, a fertiliser to use during the plant flowering stage. This product is complemented with Floraflex Nutrients B2, which together will provide an optimal nutrition to our cultivation. Floraflex team has created and designed these [...]

  • 0.46L21.16€ 15.85€

Floraflex Round FloraCap

Floraflex Round FloraCap is the FloraCap model adaptation for use in round pots. It has a hexagonal structure offering a water even distribution in cannabis cultivation substrates, improving irrigation and nutrition plant control. The system is as s [...]

  • 14.50€ 13.75€

Floraflex Matrix round Pad

Floraflex Matrix Pad is a Matrix irrigation system accessory, a capillary mat that sits on top of the substrate and performs a perfect irrigation by distributing the water uniformly thus enhancing a great root development. Floraflex Matrix Pad is pl [...]

  • 7.5''-9''2.12€
  • 9"-10.5"2.37€
  • 10,5''-12''2.47€
  • 12.5'' - 14.5''2.92€
  • 15.5"-18"3.98€


Long Plunge dripper T is designed so that in drip irrigation systems, water with or without nutrients goes directly to the plants roots. The water comes out through its three grooves irrigating 2cm below the surface. One of the benefits of watering [...]

  • 3.7 l/h1.41€
  • 7.5 l/h1.41€
  • 15 l/h1.41€

Floraflex Long Rocket Dripper

Floraflex Long Rocket Dripper is designed to irrigate 2.5cm-3.0cm below the surface preventing algae growth in the different cannabis substrates. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor cultivation. This quality plastic dripper has 3 grooves throu [...]

  • 60º - 3,7 l/h1.81€
  • 60º - 7,5l/h1.81€
  • 60º - 15 l/h1.81€
  • 90º - 3,7 l/h1.81€
  • 90º - 7,5 l/h1.81€
  • 90º - 15 l/h1.81€

FloraFlex Dart Dripper

FloraFlex Dart Dripper is the first dripper that is compensated without subsoil pressure. Its dart shape facilitates the irrigation point where to supply water with nutrients, being able to insert the dripper to the depth required as needed. FloraFl [...]

  • 0.48€

FloraFlex BARBED T 1/4

Floraflex Barbed T 6mm T-connection, easily and quickly connects multiple irrigation hoses. You can customise how many plants to irrigate and how many irrigation lines nourish each plant. FloraFlex Barbed T 1/4" (6mm) info: Size of ¼" Reu [...]

  • 0.48€

FloraFlex Air Bleed Valve

FloraFlex Air Bleed Valve is an air drain valve designed to control and prevent blockages in the automatic irrigation system caused by air bubbles that can obstruct the drippers. The security valve is installed at the upper part of any main irrigati [...]

  • 10.75€ 9.10€

FloraFlex Multi Flow Bubbler

Alchimia presents Floraflex Multi Bubbler, a water distribution system where the pressure can be regulated according to the plant needs. This system consists of a water inlet box with a 1/2" connection that can be easily connected to the Quick Disco [...]

  • 20.55€

Floraflex FloraCap

Alchimia presents FloraCap by FloraFlex, an accessory designed for optimal irrigation of rockwool cubes and square pots. This small high quality plastic tray covers the substrate with an opening for the plant stem. An aid to prevent the algae format [...]

  • 10 cm3.60€
  • 15 cm4.80€
  • 20 cm7.25€ 6.15€

Floraflex Round Flood and Drip Shield

FloraFlex Round Flood and Drip Shield + Quicker Dripper or Gravity is an irrigation system based on maximum irrigation and nutrition control, either manually or automatically. It has a round deep dish shape, which is inserted into the pot, adapting t [...]

  • Quicker Dripper25.40€ 20.30€
  • Gravity Dripper27.80€ 22.20€


Floraflex proposes the square Matrix, an accessory that is installed directly on the substrate, it is now available at Alchimia. Thanks to the grooves designed in the upper part, a more homogeneous irrigation and distribution of nutrients is obtaine [...]

  • 10 cm0.81€
  • 15 cm 1.41€


Alchimia presents here the square Matrix Pad, this pad accessory is used in the Matrix system to help further optimise our irrigation system. The Matrix system can be used with other Floraflex elements such as the ProPot and the ProPot cubes, but al [...]

  • 10 cm1.01€
  • 15 cm 1.51€

Floraflex STACKER

Stacker is a Floraflex accessory to use with Potpro and Potpro Cube, it is now available at Alchimia. Floraflex offers this adapter in two different sizes, either to use the 10cm PotPro Cube on the 15cm PotPro, or to put the 15cm cubes in the 20cm p [...]

  • 10cm - 15cm 1.44€
  • 15cm - 20cm2.04€

Single Use FloraCap

Alchimia presents Floraflex Floracap single use, offering a better water and nutrients distribution during irrigation. Floracap is placed in the 15cm PotPro and PotPro Cube. Floracap has several grooves for which water and nutrients flow. It does n [...]

  • 15 cm2.04€

Floraflex MATRIX Round 12 uni.

Alchimia presents the Matrix Round, a Floraflex accessory designed to optimise your irrigation system by distributing water and nutrients evenly. It is a plastic disc with grooves which is placed directly on the substrate at the top of the pot. Thi [...]

  • 19 cm - 22,5 cm 3.02€
  • 22,5 cm - 26,5 cm 3.93€
  • 26,5 cm - 30,5 cm 5.04€
  • 31,5 cm - 36, 5 cm7.97€ 6.75€
  • 39,5 cm - 45,5 cm 10.69€ 9.05€

Floraflex TUBING OD 1/4

Floraflex 6mm hose, in a 30m roll, it is now available in our catalogue at Alchimia. This high quality flexible vinyl hose fits all Floraflex accessories. [...]

  • 22.98€

PotPro Pot Floraflex

Alchimia presents Floraflex Potpro Pot, cannabis cultivation pots specially designed to improve the airflow in the upper and lower part of the substrate. They are also designed to allow optimal drainage. These pots are perfectly adapted to Floraflex [...]

  • 10 cm2.41€
  • 15 cm 3.62€
  • 20 cm5.43€

FloraClip 2.0 (6mm)

Floraflex presents FloraClips, an accessory to use with your FloraCaps when installing an automatic irrigation system for your cultivation. FloraClips can be fitted to FloraCaps when necessary, and connected to the Floraflex Tubong OD tube ¼ [...]

  • 1 unit0.50€ 0.45€
UP TO 15%

Floraflex Quick Disconnect Pipe System "T"

Floraflex Quick Disconnect Pipe System Multyflow T is an 8 outlet manifold that delivers water to the different irrigation systems designed by Floraflex such as Matrix, drippers, Floracaps, etc. The water pressure can be graduated, acting as a stopc [...]

  • 1'' (25mm) (Out of stock)38.70€ 32.85€
  • 1 1/4'' (32 mm)38.70€ 32.85€
  • 3/4 (19 mm)38.70€ 32.85€
  • Elbow 1 1/4'' (32 mm)38.00€ 34.20€

Floraflex Flora Pipe Fitting en T

Floraflex Flora Pipe Fitting “T”, 1''(32 mm) is a Floraflex irrigation system complement to adapt the Quick disconnect Pipe System and in turn connect the irrigation pipe using a rigid PVC pipe easily and quickly. This T complement feat [...]

  • 1'' (32 mm) EU Size3.92€

Floraflex Flora Pipe Fitting Elbow

FloraFlex Flora Pipe Fitting Elbow is a Floraflex irrigation system complement to adapt the Quick disconnect Pipe System and in turn connect the irrigation pipe using a rigid PVC pipe easily and quickly. This irrigation elbow features a quick connec [...]

  • 1'' (25mm) (Out of stock)3.92€
  • 1 1/4'' (32 mm)3.92€
  • 3/4" (19mm)3.92€

Floraflex Quicker Dripper

Floraflex Quicker Dripper is a complement to the Flood&Drip Shield system designed to be able to water in a faster way than the Grabity Dripper. Each Quicker Dripper has 3 holes with a diameter of 2mm through which the water passes irrigating th [...]

  • 1 unit.1.06€

FloraFlex Eliminator

FloraFlex Eliminator is a round piece used to plug the Drip Shield holes where the drippers are connected. They are used in case a smaller amount of water is needed during the early cannabis cultivation stages. When it is necessary to increase irrig [...]

  • 1 unit.0.50€

Floraflex Matrix Circulator

Floraflex Matrix Circulator is part of the Matrix professional irrigation system. Its function is to transport and distribute the irrigation water from the nutrient tank to the Matrix irrigation system. This ring-shaped piece has two barbed nozzles [...]

  • 2 ¼’’ / 5.5cm1.11€
  • 3’’ / 7.5cm1.51€

Floraflex Quick Disconnect Set

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Floraflex Quick Disconnect Set, a connection thread kit that facilitates the use and cleaning of Floraflex systems. On one side the standard 3/4" hose, and on the other the 1/2" hose can be connected to the Floraflex Bubb [...]

  • 6.00€ 5.10€

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