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Floraflex Quicker Dripper

Floraflex Quicker Dripper is a complement to the Flood&Drip Shield system designed to be able to water in a faster way than the Grabity Dripper.

Each Quicker Dripper has 3 holes with a diameter of 2mm through which the water passes irrigating the plants in a uniform way.

For proper use, just fill the Flood and Drip Shield and the Quicker Dripper will operate evenly distributing the irrigation water.

Floraflex Quicker Dripper info:

  • Easy to install
  • 3 holes with a diameter of 2mm
  • Compatible with Flood and Drip Shield
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Accessories of Floraflex Quicker Dripper

Floraflex Round Flood and Drip Shield

Floraflex Round Flood and Drip Shield

  • Gravity Dripper 27.80€
  • Quicker Dripper 25.40€

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