Floraflex Matrix System Kit

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Alchimiaweb.com presents the Matrix System Kit by Floraflex, elements designed to automatically irrigate your pots using a water pump or watering timer. This kit is available in 9.0"-10.5" (22.9cm - 26.9cm) and 7.5"-9.0" (19cm - 22.9cm).

Matrix System Kit by Floraflex, intelligent automatic pot irrigation

This practical kit is designed to ensure a homogeneous watering over the entire pot surface, unlike traditional drippers that focus the watering in just one point.

The homogeneous irrigation is achieved thanks to a labyrinth-shaped system that ensures the irrigation water flow (just water or water with nutrients for hydroponic cultivation) reaches everywhere in a slow and continuous way. This provides the plant time for better assimilation, also reducing evaporation thanks to the circuit cover.

This system ensures that our plants are well cared for in a comfortable way, thus promoting a stable and healthy development and maximising their vigour.

Matrix System Kit by Floraflex, available in 9"-10.5" and 7.5"-9"

The kit includes the Matrix watering system with a labyrinth-shaped circuit acting also as a pot cover, the Matrix Pad at the lower part and the 3" Matrix Circulator.

Matrix Pad is an absorption pad that gets moistened with the water provided by the Matrix and transfers the moisture to the soil by capillarity, thus ensuring an efficient and homogeneous watering. The Matrix Circulator is the upper connector to which the pump irrigation pipe is connected.

The kit is compatible with 9" (22.9 cm) or 7.5" (19 cm) diameter pots. It can be placed inside the pot in direct contact with the substrate. It is attached to the pot's edge with a flange (10.5" - 26.9 cm / 9" - 22.9 cm diameter).

Floraflex Matrix System Kit info:

  • 1x Matrix Watering System
  • 1x Matrix Pad
  • 1x 3" Matrix Circulator

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