Floraflex Matrix round Pad

Floraflex Matrix Pad is a Matrix irrigation system accessory, a capillary mat that sits on top of the substrate and performs a perfect irrigation by distributing the water uniformly thus enhancing a great root development.

Floraflex Matrix Pad is placed below the Matrix system unit together with the same size matrix circulator. It is suitable for round pots of various sizes from 7.5" to 18" (17cm to 45cm diameter).

It is ideal for automatic irrigation on substrates such as coconut or soil, as the water irrigation is 100% equitable throughout the pot. This irrigation system also saves water and nutrients as the entire pot is well moistened not leaving dry areas in the substrate.

It is easy to use, clean and very effective. It is perfect for those cultivators looking for a professional irrigation system.

The Floraflex Matrix Pad is sold in units.

FloraFlex Matrix Pad sizes:

  • 7.5"-9.0": 19.0-22.5cm
  • 9.0"-10.5": 22.5-26.5cm
  • 10.5"-12.0": 26.5-30.5cm
  • 12.5"-14.5": 31.5-36.5cm
  • 15.5"-18.0": 39.0-45.5cm

Floraflex Matrix Pad info:

  • Shape: Round
  • Sizes: from 19.0-22cm, up to 39.0-45.5cm
  • Quantity: 1 unit
  • Matrix system accessory
  • Capillary pad
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7.5''-9''2.12€ Add to cart
9"-10.5"2.37€ Add to cart
10,5''-12''2.47€ Add to cart
12.5'' - 14.5''2.92€ Add to cart
15.5"-18"3.98€ Add to cart

Accessories of Floraflex Matrix round Pad

Floraflex Matrix Circulator

Floraflex Matrix Circulator

  • 2 ¼’’ / 5.5cm 1.11€
  • 3’’ / 7.5cm 1.51€

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