Water and nutrient tanks

Here you'll find water tanks of different capacities as well as accessories for high/medium capacity containers.

They're mainly used in hydroponic systems to store the nutrient solution and keep it oxygenated and at an optimal temperature.


It has arrived to Alchimia the Flexitank from AutoPot, water tanks made of collapsible material, revolutionizing the world of automated irrigation by providing a tank easy to carry, to send, to assembly and disassembly and to use, and which will allo [...]

  • 25 L (Out of stock)34.90€
  • 50L (Out of stock)42.90€
  • 100L (Out of stock)69.00€
  • 225L (Out of stock)79.00€
  • 400L155.00€

Base for water tank up to 300 l

Support for ECOTANK ecological tanks or any other tank that does not exceed 300 Kg (300 l with water). Its measurements are 59 cm in diameter and 33.5 cm in height. Idela to create a positive slope to the irrigation system [...]

  • 33.00€ 23.10€

Videos Water and nutrient tanks

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