Water heaters and RO filters

We have grouped here those components recommended to provide your plants with the best possible nutrient solution.

You'll find reverse osmosis systems, water heaters, thermometers and watering wands.

Quality harvests are achieved by providing your plants with a good environment, and the quality of the water is just another factor to take into account.


AquaFarm GHE System Spare Kit

Alchimia now offers the Aquafarm GHE System Spare Kit. A set that includes all the necessary spare parts, except for the air pump and the pot. AquaFarm GHE Spare Kit elements: 1 Drip Ring for Aquafarm and Waterfarm (781281) 1 Cultimate level tub [...]

  • (Out of stock)47.50€ 42.75€

MegaGrow 1000 reverse osmosis filter

Now you have available in Alchimia the reverse-osmosis system MegaGrow 1000, which produces up to 40l/h of pure and clean water, perfect to irrigate our outdoor or indoor cannabis crops. Very easy to install, it has a 2-stage filter and a osmosis fi [...]

  • 373.50€

PowerGrow 500 reverse osmosis

Now available for you in ALchimia, the Power Grow 500 reverse-osmosis filter produces 20l/h of purified water, perfect for our indoor or outdoor marijuana plants. This device is compact and very easy to install. It has a 2-stage filter joined with [...]

  • 256.00€

GrowMax Water 480l/h water filter

With the new 480l/h Garden Grow GrowMax Water filter we can purify our tap water, removing 99% of the chlorine and sediments present in it. Now available in Alchimiaweb. This 2-stage filter offers a perfect water flow through it, producing up to 480 [...]

  • 179.00€

Eco Grow 240l/h water filter

The Eco Grow filter efficiently purifies our tap water , eliminating most of the chlorine and sediments present in it. Get it now in Alchimiaweb. This 2-stage water filter has been designed to ensure peoper water flow through it, producing 240 liter [...]

  • 98.10€

GrowMax safety buoy kit

Now available in Alchimiaweb, the GrowMax safety buoy avoids fluid leaks, being perfect to use in combination with your reverse-osmosis system . This emergency valve automatically closes the stopcock of the clean water hose in case that the tank is [...]

  • 67.00€

EcoGrow - PowerGrow - MegaGrow active carbon filter

The new spare activated carbon filter for the GrowMax EcoGrow , PowerGrow and MegaGrow systems is already available in Alchimia. This filter removes from the water any trace of chlorine, pesticide, herbicide or organic volatile contaminants (chemica [...]

  • 18.00€

GardenGrow GrowMax Water Replacement filter pack

Now available in Alchimia, the 480 l/h GrowMax GardenGrow replacement filter packOn the one hand in this pack you have the anti-sediment filter retains any particle larger than 5 microns. It eliminates rust, dust and many other elements. On the othe [...]

  • 480 l/h44.90€

PowerGrow - MegaGrow reverse osmosis membrane

Replacement osmosis membrane for the GrowMax PowerGrow and MegaGrow systems. Now available in Alchimia. This membrane operates with the two filters of these reverse-osmosis systems, purifying the irrigation water of your growing space. It removes 9 [...]

  • 96.00€

PowerGrow reverse osmosis membrane + 1:1.5 restrictor kit

Already available in Alchimia, this replacement kit includes a reverse-osmosis membrane and a 1:1.5 restrictor, compatible with the GrowMax PowerGrow system. Is produces 500l of pure, clean water per day. The 1:1.5 restrictor reduces the waste of wa [...]

  • 104.40€

MegaGrow reverse osmosis membrane + 1:1.5 restrictor kit

Now you have available in Alchimia this kit composed of a reverse-osmosis membrane and a 1:1.5 restrictor, compatible with the GrowMax MegaGrow system, which can produce up to 1000 liters of mpurified water per day. The 1:1.5 restrictor saves water, [...]

  • 108.90€

Grow Max Water filter pack for reverse osmosis

Alchimiaweb.com presents the Grow Max Water 10" filters, a replacement for the original filters of this brand's reverse osmosis systems. 10" Grow Max Water filter pack, for particles and chemicals These filters are compatible with the compact and e [...]

  • 26.50€

Extensible watering wand - 1,5 ms

A useful companion that makes watering easier, allowing the grower to irrigate the most unreachable pots, what is always a problem. Connect it to a 1200/2500 L water pump and turn the head to set the correct water pressure. On the other hand, with s [...]

  • 17.95€

Water Thermometer

This durable and convenient water thermometer is designed to measure the temperature of the water in the nutrient solution tank of hydroponic grow systems and allow you to better manage the parameters of your grow. The water temperature in hydro sys [...]

  • 3.00€

Water heater - 200 w

Submersible water heater for water tanks. Safety guard in case of dry running. Safety glass. Precision thermostat. Fully submersible. Operation LED. Cable 170 cm approx. Volume: 100 to 150 litres. Watt: 200 w. Temperature: [...]

  • 11.00€

Water heater - 50 w

Cold water is harmful to the root system and therefore the overall state of the cannabis plant. It is sometimes advisable to heat the nutrient solution using a small heater. Specifications: Safety guard in case of dry running. Safety glass. [...]

  • 19.00€

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