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Universally Seeded is a seedbank based in the US. Its work focuses on breeding cannabis strains with a strong terpenes profile. Universally Seeded presents a wide range of varieties with sweet, creamy, sour, earthy and fruity flavours. In addition, a very high glandular quality perfect for elaborating high yielding concentrates in ice-o-lator and dryhash. Cement Shoes is a good example of this genetics, used in the development of countless crosses. It is a plant that provides its descendants with very powerful effects and a huge amount of resin of exceptional quality.

Universally Seeded's breeder, Tommy, has been working with Marcus, Cult Classic Seeds' breeder since 2016. They have developed a multitude of hybrids using a Xenu male by Cult Classic Seeds. This collaboration has resulted in plants such as Sour Orange Puckers and Ultra Animal Cookies. Previously he also did occasional work with this seedbank since 2010. In 2021 Tommy and Cult Classics Seeds decided to take different paths, and thus Universally Seeded was born.

Tommy belongs to a family that for many years has been dedicated to agriculture in California, with special experience in apple cultivation for 3 generations. Tommy, after a stint in the navy, changed course in 2009 and moved into the cannabis industry. He cultivated Afghani and SFV OG strains for a medical dispensary until 2015, at which time he moved into commercial growing with a one acre cannabis farm. This was until 2017, also noting that the cannabis industry needed a change as most of the genetics being cultivated seemed very similar to each other.

In a new project with Cult Classics Seeds in 2017-18, he developed the Freshies line, with genetics such as Powder Cakes, Eiffel Tower, Bunny Slope, Freshmaker, Hitmaker, Hullabaloo and Goodloving.

In 2018 continued with Unicorn Sherbert and Wedding Fantasy feminised seeds, and the regular Powder Cakes line with Flocked Sherbert, Super Cakes and Snow Shoes line (Cement Shoes X Powder Cakes) and Freshies X Wedding Cake.

Further into 2018, Universally Seeded took a new path in breeding and started reversions in order to develop feminised Cement Shoes versions (OGKB genetics), developing more than 50 different crosses.

Tommy, in this new Universally Seeded project, has been working on reversing varieties such as Pink Runtz and Legend OG, while continuing with Powder Cake's breeding to offer more stability to this variety.

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Seed bank - Universally Seeded

Unicorn Cakes - Universally Seeded

Alchimia is glad to present Unicorn Cakes, a new addition to the Universally Seeded catalogue. Unicorn Cakes is the fusion of two genetics with high potency and powerful t [...]

  • 18 seeds (Out of stock) 150.00€ 135.00€
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Cement Shoes S1 - Universally Seeded

Alchimia is pleased to present Cement Shoes S1 by Universally Seeded, seeds only available in feminised format. This seedbank counts with a huge selection of paren [...]

  • 6 seeds (Out of stock) 80.00€ 72.00€
  • 18 seeds (Out of stock) 216.00€

Dirty Deeds - Universally Seeded

Alchimia presents Dirty Deeds by Universally Seeded, seeds in limited edition only available in feminised format. Dirty [...]

  • 6 seeds 70.00€ 63.00€

Powdered Chiron - Universally Seeded

Alchimia presents Powdered Chiron by Universally Seeded, regular seeds. Powdered Chiron Strain, a cannabis with a high THC level not suitable for occasion [...]

  • 18 seeds 150.00€ 90.00€

Immortal Zkittlez - Universally Seeded

Immortal Zkittlez by Universally Seeded is a cross between two strains that are already legends in the USA: Zkittlez and Legend OG. Immortal Zkittlez has a strong [...]

  • 6 seeds 100.00€ 90.00€

Legendary White Cookies - Universally Seeded

Legendary White Cookies by Universally Seeded is a very relaxing weed strain with high potency and a sweet hashish flavor with acidic and floral n [...]

  • 6 seeds 100.00€ 60.00€

Animals XJ-13 - Universally Seeded

Alchimiaweb is pleased to present Animals XJ-13 by Universally Seeded, a cross between two well-known cannabis strains, XJ-13, and Cement Shoes, which results in a [...]

  • 6 seeds 60.00€ 54.00€
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