SubCool's The Dank (Formerly TGA Seeds)

SubCool's The Dank (Formerly TGA Seeds)

SubCool's The Dank

Subcool's The Dank is the new seed bank from the legendary Subcool, a direct continuation from the well-known TGA Subcool seed bank. The Dank Subcool Seeds maintains the same team of breeders and the same spirit captained by Subcool who directs all the projects and the creation of new cannabis varieties.

Subcool is developing genetics under strict quality standards - "The Dank Standard", based on selections from thousands of seeds, searching for the best phenotypes to work with. From this intense selection work comes the bases to create new strains that always ensure the highest possible quality.

After losing not only his house, but also his seed stock and genetic library in the California wildfires, Subcool was forced to start his seed bank from almost nothing. Over the course of a year he was able to recover the vast majority of his most treasured mother plants from friends and colleagues, enabling him finally begin the process of rebuilding his seed bank.

From collaborations with highly reputed breeders and growers such as Kyle Kushman (creator of the Vegamatrix nutrient range) or Badgers Dank, new crosses have emerged for us to enjoy in our gardens, and with these new varieties, The Dank Seeds by Subcool rises from the ashes stronger than ever. It should be noted that strains such as Jack The Ripper or Jesus OG remain intact and fully available for external collaborations or creating new strains with the high-sought-after characteristics that make them unique varieties.

The Dank Seeds, formerly known as TGA Subcool

After changing the name for legal reasons, 2017 saw the creation of SubCool's The Dank. At this moment, the new seed bank has 45 different varieties available to the public, all tested to very high quality standards so that anyone who chooses to grow The Dank Seeds will always be more than happy with the final product.

The Dank Seeds by SubCool is more than just a seed bank. Subcool not only has a broad vision of the cannabis world, a great passion for genetics, but also a love of its cultivation and researching methodology such as Super Soil, also known as the "Just Add Water" method that so many breeders and farmers use today. In addition to writing articles for renowned magazines such as High Times, Subcool is also the creator of the "Book Of Dank" and its second edition "Dank 2.0"

Featured genetics of Subcool's The Dank Seeds

SubCool returns to the fray with new strains like Strelka, created from a collaboration with Kyle Kushman. It's a cross that combines the powerful Stardawg with Space Queen, one of the flagship varietiess of Subcool's The Dank Seeds. Expect only the best, highest quality plants to come from it.

Afgoo Overdrive is another of his new strains, created from a cross between Northern California Gooey x Afghan x Space Queen. It is a 60% Sativa hybrid with a fast flowering period of 50 to 60 days. Its buds are very compact, with insane levels of resin production.

Cherry Lemonade is an explosion of smells and tastes on the palate, being a cross of < x Jack The Ripper which ensures high psychedelic power in addition to being a good option to fight anxiety. It is a rapid flowering plant, ready to harvest in 56-62 days and offering medium-high yields.

The Subcool classics

Subcool's classic varieties such as Jacks Cleaner, Jack Skellinton, Querkle, Qush, The Third Dimension, Pandoras Box, among others, are still present in the seed catalogue so that lovers of these high quality strains can continue to enjoy them just as before.

Subcool's The Dank also offers high CBD varieties ??such as Hurkle, HarliQueen, Death Lights or the very well-known Pennywise. All strains with CBD are excellent choices for those cannabis users who want to enjoy the beneficial properties of cannabinoids, but without the psychoactive effect.

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Lemon Stilton by TGA Seeds

Lemon Stilton by TGA Seeds - Regular cannabis seeds

Lemon Stilton is a cannabis strain developed by Norstar Genetics for TGA Subcool, combining the Exodus Cheese clone with a Jack The Ripper male, giving plants as rich in resin as terpenes, releasing a sweet and sour candy aroma. Now available online [...]

  • 10 seeds 73.50€105.00€

Qleaner - Regular cannabis seeds

TGA Subcool presents Qleaner, a three-way hybrid with heavy resin production that gives off a superb flavour and aroma. This sativa-dominant cross of Jacks Cleaner and Querkle (Purple Urkle x Space Queen) has many qualities which set it apart and gr [...]

  • 10 seeds 63.00€105.00€
Jesus OG Kush

Jesus OG Kush - Regular cannabis seeds

During this last two years, Subcool, the breeder of TGA could grow and compare different clones of the cannabis strain OG Kush, looking for a rare pearl. He finally found a plant with a higher quality than all others: the Hells Angels OG.This clone [...]

  • 10 Seeds 73.50€105.00€ Product sold out
Purple Apollo 13 aka The Void

Purple Apollo 13 aka The Void - Regular cannabis seeds

Purple Apollo 13 - aka The Void - from TGA Subcool seedbank is a cannabis plant created from the cross of two powerful genetics: Apollo 13 and Querkle. The combination of these two marijuana strains produces a new strain capable of combining the bes [...]

  • 5 seeds 55.00€ There is only 1 unit left
Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen - Regular cannabis seeds

Alchimia presents here a new TGA strain, Dairy Queen, which is based on Cheese and improved by the influence of Romulan and Cindy 99. It's harvested after 8 weeks of flowering, with an average production of ultra sticky buds. Its structure is short [...]

  • 10 seeds 59.50€85.00€
Nepali Queen by TGA Subcool

Nepali Queen by TGA Subcool - Regular cannabis seeds

Nepali Queen is a Nepali OG x Space Queen hybrid developed by Norstar Genetics for TGA Subcool to create a heavy-yielding cannabis strain with long, fat, resin-coated colas. Available now in the regular seed catalogue of Alchimia! An 80% Indica vari [...]

  • 5 seeds 55.00€ Product sold out
Hurkle from TGA Subcool

Hurkle from TGA Subcool - Regular cannabis seeds

Two years after the creation of Pennywise, the first high-CBD strain in TGA Subcool's catalog, here is Hurkle, a mostly-Indica variety with a delicious Merlot grape flavour and notes of coffee and chocolate. To achieve this hybrid, Subcool crossed th [...]

  • 10 seeds 73.50€105.00€
Ripped Bubba

Ripped Bubba - Regular cannabis seeds

Created with the aim of combining the levels of cannabinoids THC and THCV incredibly elevated of the strain Jack The Ripper with the clear and relaxing effect of B*. The combination of these genetics produces a motivating effect and stimulate creativ [...]

  • 10 Seeds 73.50€105.00€
Killer Grape

Killer Grape - Regular cannabis seeds

Killer Grape was created by TGA Subcool combining Killer Queen and Querkle obtaining a balanced hybrid. A variety with a deeply relaxing effect and a gourmet aroma of grape treats on a spicy background. Now available in the regular seed collection at [...]

  • 5 seeds 55.00€ Product sold out
Queen Anne's Revenge

Queen Anne's Revenge - Regular cannabis seeds

Alchimia is pleased to present Queen Anne's Revenge from TGA Subcool, a Blood Wreck (Trainwreck x Trinity) x Space Queen (Romulan x C99) hybrid specially developed to produce cannabis concentrates thanks to its high resin production wi [...]

  • 5 seeds 55.00€

Alchemy - Regular cannabis seeds

In Alchimia Grow Shop we absolutely love the name of the new strain from TGA Subcool: Alchemy. This genetics comes from a cross between Norstargenetics Chemdawg - with earthy and diesel flavour - and TGA's Querkle, a beautiful Indica with grape and [...]

  • 10 seeds 73.50€105.00€ There is only 1 unit left
Pandora's Box - TGA Subcool

Pandora's Box - TGA Subcool - Regular cannabis seeds

Pandora's Box from top US breeder TGA Subcool is a very stable and highly productive variety created from by crossing Jack The Ripper with Space Queen. Now available online in our regular cannabis seed catalogu [...]

  • 5 seeds 55.00€ Product sold out
Jacks Cleaner 2 - TGA Subcool Seeds

Jacks Cleaner 2 - TGA Subcool Seeds - Regular cannabis seeds

TGA Subcool Seeds present Jacks Cleaner 2, a backcross of an urban legend: Jacks Cleaner is a long-time favourite among collectors of very powerful cannabis polyhybrids, a holy grail strain thought by many breeders and growers to be probably the best [...]

  • 5 seeds 55.00€ There is only 1 unit left
Scarlet Queen

Scarlet Queen - Regular cannabis seeds

TGA Subcool presents Scarlet Queen, a variety created to offer to its grower a rainbow of flavours combining cherry candy notes in a sweet background. Now available in the regular seed collection at AlchimiaWeb! Scarlet Queen is a cross between two [...]

  • 5 seeds 55.00€ Product sold out
Grape Lime Ricky

Grape Lime Ricky - Regular cannabis seeds

New from top US breeder TGA Subcool, we're proud to present Grape Lime Ricky, which is a mostly Indica hybrid with very dense, resin-coated flowers and a powerful fruity sweetness, combining lemon and grape. Now available in Alchimia's regular seed c [...]

  • 5 seeds 55.00€