T.H. Seeds is a Dutch seedbank that started its breeding activity in 1993 through the C.I.A. (Cannabis in Amsterdam). They were the first store ever to sell marijuana seeds in Europe, based in Amsterdam.

Since its creation, this bank has brought to Europe some of the most reputed American strains, enriching the European cannabis scene with new and strange varieties.

The first strain of TH Seeds catalog was Original Bubblegum, winner at the 1996 HTCC. The second member of the family, S.A.G.E., was awarded with the 2nd and 3rd prize - THC level category - at the HTCC, reaching more than 20% THC.

Over time, more varieties were added to the catalog, first quality strains like Sage'n'Sour, MK-Ultra, Darkstar, The Hog, Wreckage, Da purps, Skunk XXX, Chocolate Chunk, Electric Lemon G and many others, either in feminised or regular form.

Thus, within TH Seeds catalog we can find different top class cannabis genetics which expand the offer of new and different smells, tastes and effects.

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Gelato 33 x Birthday Cake

Gelato 33 x Birthday Cake - Regular cannabis seeds

Gelato 33 x Birthday Cake by TH Seeds is a regular variety presented as a great candidate to be selected by those growers who like genetic lines with American heritage and characterised for its exceptional flavours and generous flower production. Ge [...]

  • 11 Seeds 100.00€
Purple Tangie x Birthday Cake

Purple Tangie x Birthday Cake - Regular cannabis seeds

Purple Tangie x Birthday Cake by TH Seeds is a regular variety that will satisfy lovers of sweet and creamy flavours, with citric lemon and orange aromas and a creative and open-minded effect. Purple Tanie x Birthday Cake develops vigorously like it [...]

  • 100.00€ There is only 1 unit left
Birthday Cake x Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake x Birthday Cake - Regular cannabis seeds

Birthday Cake x Birthday Cake by TH Seeds Bank is a new regular seed addition to this seed bank, a variety with excellent qualities that will delight the growers, especially its delicious and original vanilla cake flavour. This Sativa dominant hybri [...]

  • 11 Seeds 100.00€ There is only 1 unit left
Black Apple Hitchcock

Black Apple Hitchcock - Regular cannabis seeds

Black Apple Hitchcock in a regular variety coming from the collaboration between TH Seeds and Massive Creations, a famous American breeder who has created renowned strains. This seed bank brings its experience for producing Limited Editions in collab [...]

  • 10 Seeds 250.00€

Zorro - Regular cannabis seeds

Zorro by TH seeds is one of the new Regular and Limited Edition varieties created in collaboration with the American breeder Massive Creations. It is a cross between Marmalade and Grape Ape, two well-known cannabic titans famous for their excellent f [...]

  • 10 Seeds 250.00€
French Cookies x Birthday Cake

French Cookies x Birthday Cake - Regular cannabis seeds

French Cookies x Birthday Cake is a regular cannabis variety from the Cookies and Og Kush family, a winning combination that creates a highly powerful hybrid with creamy Cookies flavour. It develops vigorously, responding well to all types of prunin [...]

  • 11 Seeds 100.00€ There is only 1 unit left
Shiloh Z

Shiloh Z - Feminized cannabis seeds

Shiloh Z by TH Seeds is a highly popular cannabis plant in the US, where it is a delight for all consumers who have had the opportunity to taste it. TH Seeds together with Massive Creations presents here this improved version variety, preserving int [...]

  • 5 Seeds 100.00€
Auto Bubblegum

Auto Bubblegum - Automatic cannabis seeds

Auto Bubblegum by TH Seeds is the auto-flowering version of the legendary Bubblegum variety that delights so many growers. This variety combines the precocity of the automatic strains with the power and flavour of the original American Bubblegum [...]

  • 2 seeds 20.00€
  • 5 Seeds 40.00€ There is only 1 unit left
  • 10 Seeds 70.00€
  • 50 Seeds 200.00€ There is only 1 unit left
  • 100 Seeds 360.00€ There is only 1 unit left
Mk-Ultra - fem

Mk-Ultra - fem - Feminized cannabis seeds

Mk-Ultra from T.H. Seeds is one of the most renowned cannabis varieties of this Seedbank. Its a cross between the G-3 marijuana with the best OG Kush genetics from L.A., resulting in a high quality indica, a powerful and devastating cannabis plant. [...]

  • 5 seeds 51.00€
  • 10 seeds 93.00€
  • 2 seeds 19.00€
Auto Northern Hog

Auto Northern Hog - Automatic cannabis seeds

Auto Northern Hog by TH Seeds in a feminised auto-flowering cross between HOG and a very productive Spanish Northern Lights Auto genetic line, producing large plants and an excellent flower yield. It is an easy to cultivate automatic plant, both ind [...]

  • 2 seeds 15.00€
  • 5 Seeds 30.00€
  • 50 Seeds 150.00€
  • 100 Seeds 250.00€
  • 10 Seeds 50.00€
French Cookies

French Cookies - Feminized cannabis seeds

TH Seeds proudly present French Cookies, their version of the world-famous cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies, developed from a special seed found in a Californian bag of Platinum Cookies, and now available from AlchimiaWeb as feminised seeds. This [...]

  • 2 seeds 25.00€
  • 5 seeds 50.00€
Mind Control Box

Mind Control Box - Feminized cannabis seeds

Alchimia presents the TH Seeds Mind Control Box, a collection of 3 MK Ultra variants: the classic version of MK Ultra, its Auto version and a hybrid of MK Ultra x Bubblegum rich in resin and terpenes. This box offers 5 seeds of each of these 3 strai [...]

  • 15 seeds 99.00€

CBD S.A.G.E. - Feminized cannabis seeds

CBD S.A.G.E. is the first medicinal strain developed by TH Seeds, and they have created it with the collaboration of breeder Shantibaba from CBD Crew. They've crossed the TH Seeds's S.A.G.E. with the Pure CBD female from CBD Crew, thus bringing a pla [...]

  • 5 seeds 55.00€
Akorn Fem

Akorn Fem - Feminized cannabis seeds

Akorn from THSeeds seed bank is a feminized cannabis plant, a cross between an Afghani and a South African plant that re-enters the catalog of this seed bank, one of the oldest in the Netherlands. Already available in Alchimiaweb.com It is also know [...]

  • 5 seeds Fem 35.00€ There is only 1 unit left
  • 10 seeds Fem 60.00€

A-Train - Feminized cannabis seeds

A-Train from T.H. Seeds is a cannabis genetics that joins two varieties that have been widely used in the field of medicinal marijuana. Now available for you in Alchimia's catalog of feminized seeds. A-train is a cross between Mazar-i-Sharif - which [...]

  • 5 seeds 40.00€
  • 10 seeds 70.00€