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Alchimia is delighted to present Pisthash by TH Seeds, a genetic described as close to the perfection by this seedbank. A strain now available in our feminised seeds catalogue.

Pisthash is an ideal strain for beginners. It is a strong and easy to manage plant. It offers a concentration of creamy terpenes with a deep relaxing effect. This vigorous, balanced and complete hybrid delivers an abundant yield.

Cannabi Pisthash, the best THS Seeds genetics

TH Seeds has developed this variety from Biscotti and French Macaron, two exceptional genetics. This hybrid has a 60/40 Sativa Indica genetic contain offering a yield of up to 600g per m2 when cultivated indoors. TH Seeds rates Pisthash as one of its best cannabis varieties.

Pisthash does not require a large amount of fertiliser. It is resistant to possible issues that can arise during cannabis cultivation. It adapts well to any environment. It acquires a structure developing a multitude of secondary branches, which makes it ideal for SCROG cultivation. It has a reasonable intermodal spacing that enables light to reach the lower part of the plant. Its size can be controlled by limiting the growing period, being vigorous in the flowering stage.

Pisthash produces compact buds completely covered with resin, even in the lower part of the plant. It is an ideal strain for all types of extractions, a delight for resin concentrate lovers, offering an abundant performance. It can take 2-3 days longer to dry compared to other genetics due to the bud density and the resin quantity. Pisthash is certainly the TH Seeds breeding team's favourite plant, both during and after cultivation. A variety that certainly has to be experienced.

Pisthash by TH Seeds, sweet and earthy flavors with a deep body relaxation

The encounter between these two particularly creamy genetics results in one of the most intense varieties currently on the market. It offers sweet and earthy flavours with pistachio hints reminiscent of Italian ice cream. Aromas and flavours, particularly the Kush heritage, linger in the mouth for a long while. Without a doubt a real pleasure for the consumer.

It produces a very pleasant effect, with a deep body relaxation feeling that relaxes muscles and mind, ideal after a hard day or the practice of a physical activity. It is also a stimulating effect perfect for socialising.

In addition to the 5 Pisthach seeds, we include for free 2 more seeds of this variety and 1 French Macaron seed.

TH Seeds Pisthash info:

  • Type: Feminised cannabis seed
  • Genetics: Biscotti x French Macaron
  • 60 / 40 Sativa Indica hybrid
  • Flowering: 8-9 weeks
  • Size: 120-160 cm
  • Yield: 500-600g per m2

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