Eva Seeds

Eva Seeds

Gorilla Candy - Eva Seeds

Alchimia presents Gorilla Candy, a new and exciting cannabis variety from Eva Seeds, an Indica dominated hybrid forming very resinous heads, rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Now available online at Alchimiaweb as feminized seeds! Combining the fam [...]

  • 3+1 seeds (Product sold out)23.00€
  • 6+2 seeds (Product sold out)46.00€
  • 9+3 seeds69.00€

Black Dream - Eva Seeds

Black Dream from Eva seeds is a balanced hybrid (50% Sativa - 50% Indica) that stand out for its fast flowering, high THC levels and abundant yields. It is a cross between the Jamaican Dream variety - also from Eva Seeds - and Black Domina, two prod [...]

  • 3+1 seeds26.00€
  • 6+2 seeds52.00€
  • 9+3 seeds78.00€

Furious Candy - Eva Seeds

Alchimiaweb presents here Frurious Candy from Eva Seeds, a strain developed by crossing two great genetics of the cannabis scene such as Papa's Candy and the Great White Shark marijuana . It is a 70% Indica - 30% Sativa plant that grows fir-shaped, [...]

  • 3+1 seeds23.00€
  • 6+2 seeds46.00€
  • 9+3 seeds69.00€

Lemon King - Eva Seeds

Alchimia presents Lemon King by Eva Seeds cannabis seed bank. It is a genetics that brings all the qualities, it is strong with a fast flowering and produces resinous and very tasty buds. This variety is now available in our feminised cannabis seed c [...]

  • 3 seeds (Product sold out)23.00€
  • 6 seeds (Product sold out)46.00€

Gipsy Haze - Eva Seeds

Gipsy Haze is a new strain from Eva Seeds for the 2016 season, a 80% Sativa hybrid developed from a Jack Herer x Black Domina x Space Bomb cross. Now available in Alchimia's catalogue of feminized seeds. This genetic mix brings an easy to grow and e [...]

  • 3+1 seeds28.00€
  • 6+2 seeds56.00€
  • 9+3 seeds84.00€

Monster - Eva Seeds

Monster from Eva Seeds is a vigorous and resistant cross between a South American hybrid and the legendary hashplant G13.The flowers boast a complex, old-school sativa flavour, with aromas of spices and oak barrels.Monster has a high concentration of [...]

  • 3+1 seeds (Product sold out)21.00€
  • 6+2 seeds42.00€
  • 9+3 seeds63.00€ 50.35€

Jamaican Dream - Eva Seeds

Jamaican Dream from Eva Seeds come as the name suggests from the fabulous Jamaica.The main trait of this marijuana strain is its short flowering period ... just 6 weeks! Jamaican Dream is a strong and stable plant very easy to grow. It presents a t [...]

  • 3+1 seeds32.00€
  • 6+2 seeds64.00€
  • 9+3 seeds96.00€

Veneno - Eva Seeds

Veneno is the product of the crossing of our champion Papas Candy and our super producer Monster, delivering the best of both its parents genetics. It is a wide marijuana plant, with big tight bulky buds and abundant trichomes. It has a sweet straw [...]

  • 3+1 seeds (Product sold out)23.00€
  • 6+2 seeds (Product sold out)46.00€
  • 9+3 seeds (Product sold out)69.00€

Pink Plant - Eva Seeds

Pink Plant by Eva Seeds comes from a cross between two of the most powerful strains of their catalogue, High Level and TNT Kush.Pink Plant grows vigorous and robust, accepting all types of training or pruning techniques. With a flowering period of 8 [...]

  • 3+1 seeds (Product sold out)23.00€
  • 6+2 seeds (Product sold out)46.00€
  • 9+3 seeds (Product sold out)69.00€

Missing - Eva Seeds

Missing from Eva Seeds is a cross between a marijuana mother plant from the Blue family and High Level, also from Eva Female Seeds. The plant is sturdy, with big compact buds full of shiny and sticky resin. Missing has an exquisite fruity taste wit [...]

  • 3+1 seeds21.00€
  • 6+2 seeds42.00€
  • 9+3 seeds63.00€

TNT Kush - Eva Seeds

TNT Kush has its genetic origins in the mountains of Pakistan.It is an easy to grow marijuana plant that needs few nutrients (low Ec levels are recommended) and performs well with high temperatures in indoor grow rooms.TNT Kush develops compact buds [...]

  • 3+1 seeds (Product sold out)23.00€
  • 6+2 seeds (Product sold out)46.00€
  • 9+3 seeds (Product sold out)69.00€

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