Conscious Genetics

Conscious Genetics

Conscious Genetics is a seed bank established in the cradle of the cannabis industry, in the US. It was the ideal place for the members of this prestigious seed bank to start their genetics adventure seven years ago, using elite clones and renowned strains.

Conscious Genetics, a purple line perfect for extractions

Their first variety to hit the market was the now famous Conscious Kush. Once they established a reputation amongst the multitude of banks on the market they began to work on new genetic lines. The lines derived from the beautifully coloured Pink Champagne and Sour Apple Runtz stand out, perfect for elaborating extractions of all kinds and levels. Here are the details of these two lines and their creation purposes:

Pink Champagne Bx1 is the result of the pursuit, and why not say obsession, to find a range of varieties that would generate an extraordinary purple colouring, as well as produce abundant high-quality flowers. Once Pink Champagne Sx1 was crossed it was revealed that its descendants not only had the same level of colouring, but thanks to the other parental (always leading varieties) they became varieties of great production in all senses; both in flowers and in terpenes and trichomes.

Pink Champagne Bx1 has a gassy aroma, with a lot of musky undertones on a leathery background. Within this selection you can find high calibre strains such as Blue Kachina and Pink Mintz.

Conscious Genetics, terpenes, trichomes and cannabinoids to stop a train

Sour Apple Runtz is the other line they have focused on, crossing it with other hybrids such as Rosé, Orange Cheesecake Bx1 or even its flagship Conscious Kush V2 (an evolution of V1). Why was Sour Apple Runtz selected for these crosses? The answer is easy if one look at the resulting flowers.

Certainly, a trichome production beyond the reach of most plants on the market. Flowers completely covered in viscous and aromatic resin. In addition, most THC content tests are not below 30%.

Certainly, when looking for a strain to produce a large amount of resin of enormous quality, a hybrid with Sour Apple Runtz genetics is the way to go. These include Conscious Kush V3, London Velvet Cake, Frozen Rosé, and Orange Runtz Cake.

Blue Kachina

Alchimia is pleased to present Blue Kachina by Conscious Genetics. It is part of a release consisting of nowadays great hybrids crossbred with Pink Champagne. This particularly favoured the colouring of the resulting flowers. The other Blue Kachina p [...]

  • 7 seeds + (3 Red Kachina i 3 Orange Runtz Cake) free seeds70.00€

Frozen Rosé

Alchimia is delighted to present Frozen Rosé by Conscious Seeds belongs to a series of hybrids that this US seedbank has developed by crossing top-notch strains with its Sour Apple Runtz clone. Other names such as Conscious Kush V3, London Vel [...]

  • 7 seeds + (3 Red Kachina i 3 Orange Runtz Cake) free seeds (Out of stock)70.00€

Conscious Kush V3

Alchimia is glad to present Conscious Kush V3, the new version of Conscious Seeds' flagship variety. This seedbank entered the cannabis market with a great reputation particularly thanks to this variety, developing also new genetic lines such as Sour [...]

  • 7 seeds + (3 Red Kachina i 3 Orange Runtz Cake) free seeds70.00€

Pink Mintz

Conscious Seeds presents here Pink Mintz, part of the Pink Champagne Bx1 genetic line. This release offers some of the best-selling strains in the US crossed with Pink Champagne Bx1. It is notable for a powerful pink colouring and a great terpenes pr [...]

  • 7 seeds + (3 Red Kachina i 3 Orange Runtz Cake) free seeds70.00€

London Velvet Cake

Alchimia is happy to present London Velvet Cake, a feminised strain by Conscious Genetics, a seed bank based in the US. This variety is part of the launching of two new genetic lines, one of varieties crossed with a Pink Champagne Bx1 male (Pink Mint [...]

  • 7 seeds + (3 Red Kachina i 3 Orange Runtz Cake) free seeds70.00€

Orange Runtz Cake

Alchimia is pleased to present Orange Runtz Cake by the US seedbank Conscious Genetics. It is a feminised dominant Indica strain is part of the launch of a line of top selling varieties crossed with a reversed Sour Apple Runtz. Orange Runtz Cake can [...]

  • 7 seeds + (3 Red Kachina i 3 Orange Runtz Cake) free seeds70.00€

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