Grounded Genetics

Grounded Genetics

Grounded Genetics is a newly emerging seedbank, yet a truly experienced veteran behind this project.

Grounded Genetics are lovers of good genetics always looking for innovative terpenes. With this new project, the seedbank wants growers to discover these strains. The breeding work is done with verified elite cuttings.

Grounded Genetics, a lot of experience and cup winners

Grounded Genetics' team has been working under the spotlight for decades and produces top quality hashish. It is a recognised cup champion (extract category) at the Legends of Hashish in Amsterdam and in the flower category.

Grounded Genetics has also collaborated with prestigious seed banks such as Marimberos or DNA Genetics, and with Karma Genetics for the development of new crosses.

Grounded Genetics has launched several lines of seeds, one of them through the reversion of the famous Runtz. Here we find Piñata as well as crosses with Z Road such as Blue Fizz. Another of their flagship strains is Raspberry Z, a cross between Raspberry Runtz x Z Road and a version of the famous RS11 strain.

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Seed bank - Grounded Genetics

Zerberry - Grounded Genetics

Alchimia is glad to present Zerberry by Grounded Genetics, a wonderful hybrid based on varieties such as Zkittlez, Gelato and RS11. It is an excel [...]

  • 7 seeds 110.00€

Raspberry Z - Grounded Genetics

Alchimia is delighted to present Raspberry Z by Grounded Genetics, a perfect strain for lovers of exotic fruit flavoured cannabis like Zki [...]

  • 7 seeds (Out of stock) 90.00€

Blue Fizz - Grounded Genetics

Alchimia is glad to present Blue Fizz by Grownded Genetics, a variety of beautiful colorations that maintains the strong Zkittlez and Sherbert terpenes, and thanks [...]

  • 7 seeds (Out of stock) 90.00€

Piñata - Grounded Genetics

Alchimia is delighted to present Piñata by Grounded Genetics, the encounter between [...]

  • 7 seeds (Out of stock) 90.00€
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