The Captains Connection

The Captains Connection

The Captain's Connection Seeds Co is a marijuana regular seed bank based in the United States in the state of Maine. It was founded in 2013 by CookieMaine in honour of his brother "The Captains" who died tragically that year.

This seed bank is focused on obtaining enormous power hybrids of and great resin producers. They offer the cannabis growers the opportunity to enjoy the best quality in their own cultivation.

Blissful Wizzard is one of the greatest of this seed bank, an Indica Sativa hybrid between Captain's Cookies and Girl Scout Cookies. This variety won the first prize in the High Times of 2015 for the best extraction without solvent.

The Captain's Connection Seeds Co, a extremely powerful and high quality genetics

By analyzing Blisswful Wizard cannabinoid levels, it was obtained THC levels of 32-36%. This has earned the award for the world’s most powerful variety, according to High Times magazine.

Its aroma mixes citric nuances with creamy touches (consuming it in a cannabis vaporiser is delicious) as if it were a fresh lemon biscuit. This is accompanied by a long-lasting euphoric and cerebral effect that hits hard your body as the time go by.

Because of its success, Blissfull Wizard has been used to create striking powerful terpene-laden cannabis hybrids such as Wizzard's Wand (Blissful Wizard x Girl Scout Glue), Wizard Punch and Gwiz.

The Captain's Connection Seeds Co, Blissful Wizard and Girl Scout Glue creators

This variety was also crossed with Grimace OG (Purple Urkel x Face/Off OG) creating Ryan's Revenge as Clone Only. This variety was used to obtain many hybrids like Blue's Revenge, Cookie's Revenge, Dirty Revenge, Freedom 45, Glue's Revenge or Gunburst.

Another outstanding strain of this seed bank is Girl Scout Glue (GSC x Gorilla Glue), a variety as delicious as it is potent thanks to the union of these great cannabis lineages.

Outstanding hybrids have been created using Girl Scout Glue such as G.I. Joe, Gizzard Punch or The Saw.

In short, if you are looking for regular cannabis genetics with very high power and quality with which to enjoy looking among their phenotypes the cannabis Holy Grail, The Captain's Connection Seeds Co will certainly help you enjoy the experience and give you a great time.

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