Instructions for growing magic mushrooms with MycoBag

Today we want to introduce you to a new brand of magic mushrooms called MycoBag and we assure you that it will give you a lot to talk about. This brand was created by Full Canopy, a company from Denver, Colorado, which is now available exclusively at Alchimia. In addition, we are going to explain how to grow with these cakes step by step so that you can get the most out of them and achieve abundant harvests, which as you will see will not be too difficult thanks to the quality of the substrate included in their MycoBag kits.

With MycoBag you can buy the grow bag with the substrate already inoculated and colonized by the mycelium, saving you the inoculation step and thus saving a few weeks of time. Be that as it may, let's take a look at who these guys are, how they work, and what varieties they offer, and then we'll go on to explain how to use their MycoBag grow bags.

Full Canopy presents MycoBag, a true revolution in the home cultivation of magic mushrooms
Full Canopy presents MycoBag, a true revolution in the home cultivation of magic mushrooms

MycoBag by Full Canopy: much more than growing mushrooms in a bag

The first thing that will surely have caught your attention about these kits is, precisely, that they come in a plastic bag and not in the classic plastic containers of other brands. Growing mushrooms in bags or mushbags, as plastic bags specially designed for this purpose are usually called, is nothing new nor does it represent any revolution. However, MycoBag has a very well-kept secret, which makes the results with them simply spectacular. We'll tell you.

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Normally, and if you are a mushroom grower you will surely know that fresh air and a correct gas exchange are necessary for them to fruit generously so that the mushrooms have enough oxygen available and the CO2 that they themselves produce can be expelled before reaching toxic levels. Well, the guys at Full Canopy have been tinkering in the laboratory and have developed a series of new hybrids that do precisely the opposite, they can grow with high concentrations of CO2 and hardly any O2, so with the MycoBag it will not be necessary to aerate the bag at no time during will only have to wait to harvest huge mushrooms in a few weeks!

This is important, because in addition to getting huge mushrooms, as you can see in the photos, you will have less work aerating and spraying the bags with water daily and much less chance of your cake becoming contaminated during cultivation, thus ensuring you harvest your mushrooms without any problem and with a much lower risk of contamination than the traditional way, since you will never have to open the bag and exposure to air will be minimal.

MycoBag's Cascadian Teacher variety has a spectacular performance
MycoBag's Cascadian Teacher variety has a spectacular performance

Cultivation with MycoBag, two options to choose from

As we have mentioned, when you purchase your MycoBag kits all you have to do is wait for your mushrooms to fruit and be ready to harvest.

Thus, you will receive the substrate completely colonized by the mycelium, so you will only have to wait for the mushrooms to grow and develop until harvest time, which if all goes well will be in a few weeks. Without a doubt, it is the fastest and most convenient option, and we assure you that the weight of mushrooms you will get will be more than satisfactory, we have done several tests and we have been delighted.

The truth is, we had rarely seen magic mushrooms the size of these Tidal Wave APE
The truth is, we had rarely seen magic mushrooms the size of these Tidal Wave APE

Varieties of magic mushrooms from MycoBag

MycoBag puts at your disposal a spectacular collection of varieties of magic mushrooms, as we have mentioned, all of them are reproduced by them in order to produce mushrooms that barely consume oxygen. As you can see, there are 4 hybrids available. Let's see what varieties you can choose:

Tidal Wave APE

You cannot expect anything less than something spectacular from genetics that combines two varieties as powerful as Tidal Wave (from which famous phenotypes such as Enigma come) and Albino Penis Envy (APE), which needs no introduction as it is one of the most famous mushrooms nowadays.

The first parent selected for this cross, Tidal Wave, is a variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms resulting from hybridization between Penis Envy and B+, although it shows a clear inclination towards Penis Envy genetics. It was created by mycologist Doma Nunzio of Magic Myco, a true reference in the United States in everything related to this type of mushrooms.

For its part, and as a second parent, Albino Penis Envy is famous for producing large, dense mushrooms, with psilocybin levels higher than those of other genetics. This variety has been used in numerous crosses due to its ease of cultivation and its notable production of psilocybin and other tryptamines, which are well above average.

Thus, Tidal Wave APE mushrooms have a morphology similar to the typical Albino Penis Envy, being completely white and with a thick stem. Sporulation is almost non-existent, and the spores they release are transparent. But without a doubt what most characterizes this genetics are the powerful effects, with an average psilocybin that exceeds 1%, being very high. It is important to note that these two genetics have dominated in terms of power in the Hyphae Cup, winning in the 2021 edition as the most powerful genetics. The effects that can be expected include high introspection and intense visual effects, reaching very high peaks, as happens with Penis Envy.

Beautiful specimen of the Tidal Wave Ape variety from MycoBag
Beautiful specimen of the Tidal Wave APE variety from MycoBag

Cascadian Teacher

Cascadian Teacher is a genetic developed by MycoBag, being a strain that was widely distributed along the east coast of the United States until reaching the laboratories of Full Canopy, although unfortunately without clear information about its genetics. However, it is likely that there is a significant influence of Golden Teacher or some variety derived from this classic of magical mycology in their ancestry.

According to the tests carried out, the concentration of psilocybin inMycoBag's Cascadian Teacher is within market standards, with an average between 0.48% and 0.68%. This dose is excellent, providing a slightly introspective but also joyful experience, compared to less potent or more intense genetics. But where this variety stands out is in terms of production, since the guys at Full Canopy have managed to harvest a Cascadian Teacher mushroom weighing...798 grams!!

Cascadian Teacher produces an incredible amount, with mushrooms that look gigantic
Cascadian Teacher produces an incredible amount of mushrooms that look gigantic

Mac Galactic

Mac Galactic is the result of the combination of two outstanding varieties of hallucinogenic mushrooms that for many need no introduction, Jedi Mind Fuck and Melmac Galactic. One of the most notable characteristics of this hybrid is the uniformity in the morphology of the mushrooms, which facilitates cultivation by producing specimens of similar sizes. Furthermore, this homogeneity is reflected in the consistency of the amount of psilocybin they generate, ensuring a similar content in each of the fruiting bodies.

The effects of Mac Galactic mushrooms are extremely potent, with psilocybin levels significantly higher than other strains. The concentration of psilocybin in these mushrooms is approximately 1.49%, which is exceptionally high. You can expect intense and introspective effects, taking the consumer on a deep emotional journey, although also full of laughter.

The Mac Galactic variety has its origins in DenverSporeCompany, where mycologist Eric Bruden was in charge of its creation and stabilization. In collaboration with this company, Full Canopy obtained a sample that they then took to their laboratories where they continued working on it until achieving the spectacular result that you can see.

Mac Galactic from MycoBag. The results with these bags are truly amazing
Mac Galactic from MycoBag. The results with these bags are truly amazing


Without a doubt, the first thing that catches your attention about Whitebilly mushrooms is their curious morphology, and their name perfectly describes their appearance. With large, dense stems that are often larger in diameter than the cap, they are clearly reminiscent of pumpkins. In terms of cultivation, Whitebilly (a mutation of Hillibilly Pumpkin) is very similar to Hillbilly Pumpkin, sharing growth profiles, alkaloid content, development chronology, sporulation and appearance.

Both varieties, Whitebilly and Hillbilly Pumpkin, are easy-to-grow genetics. Its growth is explosive, producing enormous specimens. It is notable that this selection of Whitebilly produces even larger and more monstrous specimens than the original Hillbilly, with a yield of around 330 grams fresh per bag.

As an aside, a Hillbilly sample won the microdosing category at the Hyphae Cup, thanks to its moderate but pleasurable effects. The sample, submitted by a contestant named Chong under the name SYE, reached 4.93 milligrams per gram of total tryptamines. Keep that in mind if you are interested in microdosing psilocybin!


How to grow mushrooms with MycoBag bags step by step

Below we detail the steps to follow to grow MycoBags successfully. To start growing, simply leave the bag somewhere away from drafts and at a temperature of about 25ºC. Do not open the bag at any time during the growing process, only when you feel that you need to harvest. Once your mushrooms have been harvested, you can make the substrate fruit again, simply hydrate the inside walls of the bag and seal it again. As long as there is no contamination, you can continue harvesting until you the cake doesn't throw any more pins.

  1. Let it grow until the first veils break:
    Be patient, it may take several weeks for the first mushrooms to grow. Let the mushrooms grow until the more developed mushrooms start to break through the veil. If the first harvest is done carefully, several production cycles are possible, so it is best to avoid staining the substrate with spores. The production of the following flushes is substantially lower.
  2. Pluck the mushrooms:
    When the first veils are torn, it is time to gather. Do this carefully so as not to damage other mushrooms and dry them in a cool, dry place, preferably with indirect ventilation. Once you're done, spray the inside sides of the bag generously with water and seal the bag again so the mycelium will fruit again over the following weeks.

Once the mushroom cap opens, it is time to harvest
Once the mushroom cap opens, it is time to harvest

As you can see, growing with MycoBag is easy, fast, and, above all, very profitable, because if everything works as it should you will get really generous harvests, as you can see in the photos that accompany this article. We encourage you to try MycoBag, we are sure you will not regret it.

Harvesting, drying and storing magic mushrooms

You have successfully grown your mushrooms, but you still have to harvest them at their optimum point, dry them properly and store them in a suitable place; well, today we will tell you everything you need to know to carry out these three operations without problems and in a really easy way.

Happy harvest!

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