E-liquid with terpenes

Alchimia presents this selection of vaporising liquids. They are distinguished from other products by being enriched with cannabis terpenes flavours, unlike e-liquids with Cannabidiol or with flavours that are normally enriched with food grade aromas.

Vaporiser liquids with cannabis terpenes

They are flavoured with aromatic substances obtained from plants, combined in the right measure to reproduce different terpene profiles and emulate the original flavours of different cannabis varieties.

This has been achieved thanks to Cali Terpenes, a company that also distributes a wide range of cannabis terpenes concentrates, ideal to enrich your hashish or Rosin resin extractions.

In Cali Terpenes laboratories, they distil and purify terpenes under the most professional conditions combining then to achieve formulas that mimic the terpene profiles of the most popular cannabis varieties.

E-liquids with terpenes, with the aroma of your favourite cannabis varieties

They have been developed under the supervision of Dr Mariano García de Palau, an expert in cannabinoids, terpenes and vaporisation. A guarantee to ensure a quality product not harmful to health.

These liquids are a good alternative for cannabis smokers who want to quit but do not want to give up cannabis delicious aromas and flavours, or simply want to enjoy these aromas without feeling any effects.

Enjoy the aroma of varieties like Gorilla Glue, AK 47, Amnesia, Girl Scout Cookies, Cheese or Critical. Indulge yourself using a vaporiser, wherever you are and without bothering others around you with the grass joint aromas.

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Cali Terpenes Eliquid AK 47

Alchimiaweb.com presents Cali Terpenes E-liquid AK 47 flavour, a base mixture of 90% PG and 10% [...]

  • 10ml 7.50€ 5.60€

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