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Querkle from de TGA MzJill Genetics is a high quality Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid with emphasis on delivering mouthwatering flavours and beautiful colours. It's striking appearance has led to it being featured in both High Times and Skunk magazines.

With this breeding project MzJill was aiming to add some vigour to the famously slow-vegging Urkle mother plant, but without sacrificing it's distinctive sweet grape flavour. When he crossed it with his favourite Space Queen male and tested the results, the outcome was better than anybody expected and two exceptional phenotypes were found from just this small test grow of a handful of plants.

Further testing among TGA's network of growers backed up these results with the plants performing very well indeed, showing very little variation, with consistently good yields, excellent taste and fantastic deep, dark purple colours.

A 20/80 Sativa-Indica hybrid, Querkle gives very consistent offspring, with two main phenotypes are found among the plants, the most common one is a short, sturdy, very purple girl with grape taste, while the other is taller with a more sativa high inherited from Space Queen.

Notably more vigorous than the Purple Urkle mother, Querkle is suitable for SCROG (Screen of Green) cultivation and with a longer vegetative period can be pruned to form a wide, bushy plant capable of heavy yields. Alternatively, a greater number of plants can be grown to great effect un-topped and with less veg time to achieve good yields of dense, fragrant buds covered in resin.

Although these seeds were only tested indoors by TGA MzJill genetics, they've proven to be resistant to pests & fungal pathogens and tolerant of temperature variations, so outdoor growers in a good climate or those with a greenhouse can expect good results and high yields.

With it's fruity flavours of grape, berries and a musty undertone, Querkle is a true delight for the palate, it's a great strain for smoking pure in a bong, and with a great activating, energising head high, as well as relaxing pain relief attributes, it's also a great Indica for all-day smoking.

Be sure to take cuttings from the female plants to try and find a 'keeper', these genetics are well worth holding on to!

TGA MzJill Genetics Querkle info:

  • Sex: Regular
  • Genetics: Purple Urkle x Space Queen
  • THC 26,1% ; CBD 0,1% ; CBN 0,2% ; CBC 0,7% ; THCV 0,3% ; CBG 1,4%
  • Size: Short
  • Yield: Medium to high
  • Indoor flowering: 8 weeks

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