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Karma Genetics...It's all about Karma!!

We're delighted to welcome Karma Genetics to our catalogue of cannabis seed banks, one of the most reputed companies in the seed sector. It all started in 1996, when Karma began working at a coffeshop in Amsterdam. Soon after, he ran a local grow shop for some time and in 2.000 he started to breed his own hybrids. His passion for breeding led him to develop some plants that soon skyrocketed in popularity on the underground scene. Indeed, after winning the coveted ICMag Cup in Amsterdam in 2008 he decided to create his own seed company, Karma Genetics.

Doubtless, and ever since he started breeding cannabis, Karma spacialized in developing first quality OG Kush hybrids, creating some of the best OG genetics on the seed market. While during the first years only regular seeds were produced, today we can also find feminised versions of many of his projects, so all types of growers can find the type of seed they want. In addition, Karma has collaborated with reputed breeders during his career, such as Mosca Seeds, Canna Venture or HortiLab, with which he developed the multi-awarded Sour Power OG.

Karma Genetics...It's all about Karma and keepin' it real!!
Karma Genetics...It's all about Karma and keepin' it real!!

Karma Genetics strain catalogue

Karma's collection of regular and feminised seeds is, as we mentioned, an amazing group of varieties with OG Kush genes in different amounts. One of his earliest successes was Biker Kush, created in 2010 by crossing a backcross of the renowned San Fernando Valley OG Kush to Hell's Angels OG (HAOG). Karma selected the more similar phenos to HAOG to start a backcross with his original parent; at this point, a truly spectacular plant was found, which he called Biker Kush. Ever since its creation, Biker Kush has been used by Karma as one of his flagship male parents, both for its quality and stability.

One of the varieties developed with this male is Sour Power OG, which comes from HortiLab's Sour Power elite clone and Karma's Biker Kush male. Apart from that, BK has also been used in other successful breeding projects, such as Headbanger (Sour Diesel IBL x Biker Kush, one of Karma's best sellers), Old Dirty Biker (Exodus Cheese x Biker Kush), Road Dawg (TopDawg's Stardawg x Biker Kush) or Amnesia OG (Amnesia x Biker Kush, also known as Where's my bike?).

Biker Kush develops an incredible amount of resin
Biker Kush develops an incredible amount of resin

As we know, Karma loves to collaborate with other breeders. Orange Sorbet is, in this case, a hybrid developed with three strains from three different breeders: Trifi (created from Kush and Chemdawg genetics by Cannarado), Udub (from Motive303 collective) and Mandarina (developed by Trichome Jungle Seeds). Its vigorous growth, the thick layer of resin produced and its sweet and fruity flavour have become a favourite among many Karma followers.

For its part, FruitBowl algo combines Mandarina and Udub but this time crossed to Fruity Pebbles OG by Alien Gentics (Green Ribon x Grandaddy Purple x Tahoe OG x Alien Kush). The resulting hybrid only needs 8-9 weeks to complete the bloom cycle, with average/high yields, fruity and citric scent and intense cerebral effect worthy of the best Sativas.

Finally, White OG is another strain created and used by Karma to develop many other awesome plants. It's a mostly Indica hybrid from the popular The White and Triple Kush, which transmits its unique scent and potent effect. The countless awards obtained by White OG led Karma to use this plant to develop new hybrids like White Sumo (Sumo Tangie x White OG) or Karmarado OG (Triangle Kush x SFV OG Kush x White OG).

Sour Power OG, created by Karma and HortiLab
Sour Power OG, created by Karma and HortiLab

As you can see, Karma's catalogue of seeds is as extensive as interesting, and you choose between regular or feminised seeds in most cases. His strains are mainly developed for experienced growers, and are often used by producers of resin extracts and concentrates due their amazing production of glandular trichomes, a common trait in most Karma Genetics varieties.

Alchimia's interview with Karma Genetics

Here we present you a short interview with Karma G, heart and soul of Karma Genetics. We hope it'll be of your interest.

A - What are you working on at the moment?
Karma - At moment mostly backlog stock work. Also working my whole sour genepool at the moment. And been doing much collecting and selecting in the greenhouse

A - Did you ever succeed in making a seed line of the A5 Haze clone?
Karma - Currently at a bx1 stage and am happy how that came out, be doing second and last bx coming summer.

A - Are you planning on developing CBD strains?
Karma - Not in my planning.

A - What are you looking for when selecting a male parent?
Karma - That all depents on the goal of the project. I do rarely select first flowering males, I almost always discard them.

A - Your strains are known for producing top quality resin concentrates...which is your favourite one?
Karma - My everyday fav be Headbanger, one of few things I can smoke daily.

Headbanger by Karma Genetics
Headbanger, Karma's favourite smoke

A - Can we expect some more limited editions soon?
Karma - I will do a LTD. drop at least once a year, sometimes twice. Most times I drop them around March or April.

A - Are you surprised by your success in the US scene?
Karma - I've always been conected with the US scene as I have friends there from before the legal changes, I was growing US genes in Europe from early 2000.s

A - Do you perform cannabinoid/terpene tests on your strains?
Karma - They started that at the greenhouse selections now. I have not done them inhouse, I do get results from 3rd parties from time to time.

A - Are there any legendary genetics you've never been able to get your hands on but are desperate to experience?
Karma - I have never experienced old Chinese or Turkish cannabis, I be intrigued to grow some.

A - Any further collaborations with other breeders/seedbanks in the works?
Karma - I got some things in works with some older cuts from my friend Genefinder. Also will continue to do co ops with my friend CannaRado and CaliKushFarms .

Happy harvests!

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