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TGA Subcool Seeds present Jacks Cleaner 2, a backcross of an urban legend: Jacks Cleaner is a long-time favourite among collectors of very powerful cannabis polyhybrids, a holy grail strain thought by many breeders and growers to be probably the best Sativa hybrid in existence.

It's name derives partly from it's pungent lemon cleaner smell and partly from the father, a Jack Herer male, while it's mother's genetics are thought to be comprised of Pluton, Purple Haze, NL#5 and Jamaican Lambsbread.

This productive backcross is a vigorous, tall plant that grows like a classic Sativa and produces impressive harvests of deliciously scented and exquisitely resin-coated buds that keep swelling late into the 8-10 week flower period.

Along with the heavy resin production, the intensely sweet lemon smell is one of the most outstanding features of Jacks Cleaner 2, with all phenotypes producing the citric aroma to some degree. A small number of plants may have a very subtle, subdued lemon smell due to the Jack The Ripper male used in the breeding process, although JTR's more haze-based flavours have not been inherited.

A 80/20 Sativa-Indica cross, Jacks Cleaner 2 is a very potent strain, the effect is intense, psychedelic, hypnotic and happy. it's high THC content makes for great pain relief medicine as well as stimulating appetite. A good choice for making concentrates, it produces an especially tasty bubble hash, preserving all the lemony terpenes really well.

It's great for growing indoors, where it may need a little pruning, training or topping to control height and stretch during flower, and is highly suitable for SCROG (Screen of Green) cultivation. Grown outdoors it can get tall and produce generous yields. TGA Subcool Seeds always recommend growing organically in soil for the best flavour, but Jacks Cleaner 2 can be grown with great results in hydroponics or aeroponics too.

These are great seeds to select a mother plant from, Subcool advises taking cuttings from all plants before flowering them, and keeping the most productive female for future use.

TGA Subcool Seeds Jacks Cleaner 2 info:

  • Sex: Regular
  • Genetics: Jacks Cleaner x Jack The Ripper
  • Size: Tall
  • Yield: Medium
  • Flowering: 8 to 10 weeks
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