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Qrazy Train - TGA Subcool Seeds

Qrazy Train from TGA Subcool Seeds is a powerful, tasty and attractive hybrid created with top quality cannabis genetics such as Train Wreck, Trinity, Space Queen & Purple Urkle.

High yielding, fast flowering and easy to grow, Qrazy Train was born from Subcool's desire to combine the sheer power of Blood Wreck (Black Train Wreck x Jack The Ripper) with the amazing taste of Querkle. The result of this crossing is a perfect mix of traits inherited from each parental strain, with Space Queen providing an underlying fruity flavour that completes the hybridization.

The large spear-shaped buds give off spicy, skunky aromas and flavours offering a deep and heavy underlying fragrance of grape and fuel with hints of melon and champagne. It's a delightfully enjoyable smoke and the high is potent and very pleasant, with it's physically relaxing attributes making it ideal for pain relief and insomnia.

An adaptable plant, Qrazy Train can be cultivated indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses. It grows quickly and vigorously, with a growth pattern and structure showing a roughly equal divide between the taller Train Wreck-dominant plants and the more compact Urkle-influenced phenotypes. Pruning the top shoot during vegetative growth is recommended, thereby giving a bushy plant with a large number of flowering tops.

Qrazy Train's huge buds ripen very quickly, showing milky resin glands after only 45 days of flowering. Most of the larger leaves wither and fall off before harvest, although those that remain take on some beautiful fade colours, from a golden amber to burgundy red.

TGA Subcool Seeds Qrazy Train info:

  • Sex: Regular
  • Genetics: Blood Wreck x Querkle
  • THC: 14.36% - CBD: 0.39% - CBN: 0.23 %
  • Size: Medium/high
  • Yield: High
  • Indoor flowering: 8 weeks
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Opinions about Qrazy Train - TGA Subcool Seeds and questions 2

02-02-2016-> Badazz says:

Qrazy Train is like a roller coaster. It hits you then it goes away and comes right back. Very good yeild outdoor, 2-3 lbs.


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