Uses for your activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters are a very common tool in indoor cannabis facilities, where the intense smell of the plants can often become a problem that is no longer of a domestic nature, but directly in the neighborhood. And it is that these fragrant buds that you like so much can be smelled from tens of meters away, something that you do not want to happen both for safety and, simply, out of respect...smelling fresh marijuana all day can be really annoying even for the most passionate smoker!

In this way, in most cases, the carbon filter is usually installed inside the grow tent or room, so that the air passes through the filter before going through the exhaust fan and being evacuated outside the growing area, normally outdoors and free of telltale aromas. Well, today we come up with several ideas to give your activated carbon filter other uses that can be really useful and avoid some other problems.

Filters usually come filled with activated carbon pellets that will retain odorous particles from the air
Filters usually come filled with activated carbon pellets that will retain odorous particles from the air

Assembly of activated carbon filters in cannabis grow rooms

As you can see in our article on cannabis grow tents, the most normal way to mount the activated carbon filter is by coupling it to the exhaust fan and placing both in the upper area of the grow to facilitate the evacuation of the hottest air, which always tends to rise and stay in this zone. Next, a section of air duct is attached to drive it where the grower needs, outside the room or tent and normally to the outside. Thus, if we look at the circuit where the air travels from inside the cabinet to the outside, this circuit begins in the carbon filter.

However, if necessary, the assembly can be done in reverse, that is, mounting the carbon filter at the end of the circuit and outside the tent or grow room. This can be especially useful in cases where there is not enough space inside the grow, or in cases where the weight of the carbon filter is too high to hang it. In this way, the filter would go from sucking in air at the beginning of the circuit to expelling it at the end.

Another use that can be given is double filtering, although it is normally only necessary when growing varieties that are particularly smelly. To do this, an active carbon filter can be mounted at each end of the air circuit, one sucking it in and the other at the end, evacuating it. In this way, the air is filtered twice, managing to eliminate any trace of odor that may have remained after the first filtering.

When choosing an active carbon filter and an air extractor, it is important that the flow rate (cubic meters per hour) of the first is always higher than that of the second, otherwise the extractor motor will work constrained and its useful life will be significantly reduced.

If you still don't have your air filter equipment and you have doubts about which one you should choose for your growing space, we recommend you take a look at our post on how to choose an exhaust fan for indoor cultivation, you will have the solution to your doubts in just a minute.

Carbon filters and trimming

Having finished flowering successfully does not mean that your extractor and filter have to sit idle until the next grow. If you like to trim when harvesting the plants, while they are fresh, you will know that their smell can be really intense, even annoying in some cases. In addition, the smell released will increase even more when they are handled during the trimming process, which can turn this activity into a real pain in the back.

Depending on the size and weight of the activated carbon filter, hanging it inside the closet may not be the best idea
Depending on the size and weight of the activated carbon filter, hanging it inside the tent may not be the best idea

A good idea is to install the carbon filter and the extractor simply by filtering the air in the room where you are trimming. If you can evacuate the filtered air to the outside, it will be ideal, although if it is not possible for you to do so, simply attach the filter to the extractor and connect it, so that the air from the room passes through the filter and is evacuated in the same room, but clean of smells. Maybe if someone walks into the room where you're getting your trimming done, they might smell a bit, but we assure you that it will be nothing compared to not having the air continuously filtered!

Cannabis drying and carbon filters

Once you have your flowers well-manicured and ready to dry, you can use your exhaust fan and active carbon filter in the same way that we have seen with trimming but during the entire drying process, a period in which the plants tend to smell quite a bit and be a reason for complaints not only from people who live in the same house but even from neighbors. Thus, you can choose to evacuate the air to the outside or simply continuously filter the air in the room where you are drying the flowers; Again, whichever option you choose, it'll be much better than not using any filtering at all.

Drying and curing marijuana buds

Today we are going to explain all the necessary steps to correctly carry out the marijuana drying processes and its subsequent curing. If you have been careful when growing, you must be careful during and after harvest, otherwise you risk seeing the quality of your flowers seriously compromised, which would be a shame!

Carbon filters to remove smoke

You are a lucky guy; You have grown and cared for your plants, you have harvested them at their optimal point and you have trimmed and dried them with all the love in the world. Only the best is left for you, enjoy them! And to do so, we are aware that many times the best way is to organize a good tasting session with fellow growers to jointly evaluate the quality of the fruit of your efforts. We are also aware, therefore, that once you and your peers start lighting joints the atmosphere in the room you are in will soon seem like London on a particularly foggy day.

The useful life of the activated carbon inside the filters is limited. It will stop being efficient as soon as it has filtered a certain number of particles, keep this in mind if you are going to use it more intensely.

Well, here you have another excellent and useful use that you can give to your carbon filter, which, in the same way that we have seen during the cultivation itself, the trimming process, and the drying process, will help you clean the air in the room and turn it into something much more breathable than the smoke from your joints, as well as saving you a good argument when your partner gets home...

As you have seen, although they are tremendously useful for eliminating the smell of plants during cultivation, the uses that you can give to your activated carbon filter do not end there. Being both growing and using cannabis activities that are closely linked to intense and penetrating aromas, without a doubt your filter is one of your best allies at any time!

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