BioTabs organic marijuana crop in coco

Organic Nutrient Starter Kit BioTabs, for growing marijuana in coco  or soil
BioTabs organic nutrient kit for growing cannabis in coco or soil

Growing marijuana in soil can be difficult when it comes to move tens of liters of substrate for cannabis plants, and more particularly when the crop is located in a building or in inaccessible areas. Coco coir has the advantage of being easy to carry, but it is also a substrate that offers good aeration, what is needed for a strong development of the root system which, at the time, means more vigour.

As we know, coco coir doesn’t contain nutrients, so fertilizing the plants through the nutrient solution is the common practice by growers when using this substrate. We must adjust the pH level of the nutrient solution so that all nutrients can be properly assimilated by the plants.

The BioTabs Nutrient Line, designed to be used with either soil or coco coir, is an optimal alternative to transform the lifeless coco fibers into a rich and live substrate which only needs to be watered with tap water, without regulating the pH level or adding more nutrients. Micro-life and beneficial bacteria balance and ensure proper uptake of the available nutrients in the substrate.

All the needed materials for an organic marijuana crop in coco
All the needed materials for an organic marijuana crop in coco

Preparation of the substrate for marijuana plants with BioTabs nutrients

To create an environment suitable for our cannabis plants, we will have to follow the advice from BioTabs to prepare the mix:

Preparation of the coco substrate for marijuana plants with BioTabs
Preparation of the coco substrate for marijuana plants with BioTabs

Perlite is an important element to keep the soil structure, particularly because we have chosen to grow plants outdoors with the help of an automatic irrigation system, the AutoPot. Perlite and Coco will ensure a substrate with good aeration, despite the constant presence of water. AutoPot recommends using a 50% of Perlite, which seems to be very necessary to prevent any problems caused by over-watering.

The BioTabs Kit has extracts of vermicompost contained in Startrex, so we wouldn't need to add more; however, quality humus considerably improves the texture of the substrate while enriching it with fulvic and humic acids, besides beneficial bacteria.

Our enriched Coco mix for marijuana plants is ready to use, either indoors or outdoors. Using a tab for each 3-4 liters of substrate and watering with an solution enriched with Orgatrex to stimulate bacteria and other beneficial fung like Trichoderma is all we have to do for a top quality harvest.

SmartPots filled with coco and enriched with BioTabs ready to receive our marijuana plants
SmartPots - filled with coco and enriched with BioTabs - ready to transplant our marijuana plants

Growing California Dream from Mandala Seeds with BioTabs

We used the Jumus germination Starter Kit to sprout three California Dream feminized seeds from Mandala, which were then transplanted into 0.25 L pots filled with coco, humus and Perlite, without adding BioTabs: humus will be enough to ensure the limited nutritional needs during the first days of life of the seedlings.

Once plants are properly growing, it is time to transplant them into 3,25L pots , in which we’ll put one BioTab for each plant. These are slow-release fertiliser tabs and are composed of bone meal, blood meal, fish meal, natural humic acids, beneficial bacteria and a formula of slow-acting Nitrogen, with an NPK content of 12-9-9. It’s important not to use too much tabs with those marijuana plants more sensitive to high nutrient concentrations, since the excesses of nitrogen can quickly damage certain strains like, for instance, automatic plants.

For this reason, instead of increasing or decreasing the number of nutrient tabs according to the size of the pot, we will do it according to the needs of each strain. Auto-flowering plants, for example, are grown in 15 litre pots, but they rarely need more than one or two BioTabs for a correct development.

California Dream Seeds in Jumus Starter Kit
California Dream seeds sprouting in Jumus Starter Kit

After three weeks in these 3,5L containers, our California Dream plants were transplanted for the last time. Two of them into 15L AutoPots, while the last one was transplanted into a 7,5L SmartPot with an AutoValve irrigation system.

This time, 2 BioTabs were added in each pot. Using the vegan fertilizer Orgatrex from BioTabs is also advisable to ensure life and richness in the soil. Orgatrex is rich in trace-elements and sugars and has a NPK content of 7-6-7.

California Dream from Mandala Seeds grown in AutoPot
California Dream from Mandala Seeds grown in 15L AutoPot

Orgatrex can also be used after each transplant, working harmoniously with the beneficial bacteria and mycorrhiza provided by the Bactrex and Mycotrex additives. A few weeks later, at the beginning of bloom, one BioTab was added in each 15L pot to ensure a last slow-release fertilizer input.

Analysis of a marijuana crop grown with BioTabs

Small outdoor marijuana garden, grown in coco with BioTabs
Small outdoor marijuana garden grown in coco with BioTabs

The BioTabs organic nutrient range has been developed to ensure completely healthy plants, rich in chlorophyll up to half the flowering period. From this point, leaching the coco with large quantities of pure water may be useful to promote senescence and degradation of chlorophyll, thus improving the organoleptic properties of the harvest.

AutoHaze XXL grown with BioTabs
AutoHaze XXL grown with BioTabs

Those plants more sensitive to nutrient over-feeding - landrace sativas or auto-flowering genetics - may show signs of nutrient excesses during the first days, so it's always better to start adding a single BioTab to the mix, and then wait 7-10 days to start using the recommended dose according to the volume of substrate used. This progressive decomposition will prevent stress, particularly in seedlings (young marijuana plants).

AutoHaze XXL from Dinafem grown with BioTabs
AutoHaze XXL from Dinafem grown with BioTabs

We used stimulants and other additives to optimize the results of this crop: Delta 9 from Cannabiogen (sprayed), ATA Flavor, Halo and Vita Race from Plagron, plus BactoBloom's flowering bacteria from.

We were very pleased with this plants, also with a crop of tomatoes and eggplants grown in coco with BioTabs. We highlight both its easiness of use and the quality of the final product, rich in resin, terpenes and active principles. It should be noted the award received for the best fertiliser during the 2014 Expogrow in Irún, thus recognizing the efforts of the manufacturer to offer an effective and easy to use product. BioTabs has already attracted many growers for its great quality and easiness of use.

Haze XXL-Auto Bud grown with BioTabs
Haze XXL-Auto Bud grown with BioTabs

Summary of the crop and tasting of California Dream

The feminised California Dream from Mandala Seeds is a Sativa/Indica hybrid (Mexican Sativa x Afghani Indica) which embodies a harmonious balance between two different cannabis species. Well branched, California Dream develops a main central bud unless it receives longer growth periods. During this crop, two successive apical prunings were performed, and we also trained the side branches to favour an elongated structure and a good distribution of the buds in the plant.

As Mandala Seeds advises, the faster phenotype starts flowering at the second half of July, while plants sprouted at the beginning of June will do it later. The three plants have slight differences in behavior; the most Indica pheno was harvested in late September, while the most Sativa was harvested in late October; the 3rd plant, more balanced, was harvested in early October. The stretch and nutrient requirements varied depending on the Sativa/Indica influence of each grown phenotype.

The compact structure of the buds of California Dream from Mandala Seeds, the complex fruity and spicy smell of the flowers and the positive and uplifting effect were present in all plants; the mostly sativa pheno has sour citric hints, while the most indica shows sweet and sugary undertones.

Taking into account the short growth period and the small growing space available, the yield was very satisfactory and the quality of the harvest was surprising, with fruity tones - skunky, old school, that reminds us those outdoor crops from years ago, when the Skunk genetics (among others) dominated the international cannabis scene.

Detail View of a Bud grown with BioTabs
Detail view of a bud grown with BioTabs

The articles published by Alchimiaweb, S.L. are reserved for adult clients only. We would like to remind our customers that cannabis seeds are not listed in the European Community catalogue. They are products intended for genetic conservation and collecting, in no case for cultivation. In some countries it is strictly forbidden to germinate cannabis seeds, other than those authorised by the European Union. We recommend our customers not to infringe the law in any way, we are not responsible for their use.

Comments in “BioTabs organic marijuana crop in coco” (4)


thomas boyd 2019-11-24
so I grow in 3 gallon pot and use one tab for whole grow?


Tom 2019-11-02
so do i have to use cal-mag if growing in coco?

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-11-04
Hi Tom, thanks for your question. Unless your water is really strange, you'll only use cal-mag when using RO/distilled water. Otherwise, it's not really necessary. Hope that helps, all the best and happy growing!


Tay 2019-10-05
What I was like to water 3 to 6 times a day like what synthetic grows do or will it wash the organics out to quickly

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-10-07
Hi Tay, watering that frequently won't be a problem, but if you're doing it that many times a day, presumably you're using less quantity with each irrigation? If you're watering to runoff 3-6 times a day then yes, that seems like too much water to me. The BioTab itself will dissolve slowly, but with that amount of water, it may well dissolve too quickly. I would recommend checking the EC of the runoff water to make sure you aren't washing nutrients out of the substrate. The idea is to keep the substrate moist but not excessively wet. Some growers like to have a wet/dry cycle where they let the substrate dry out between waterings, but this is not helpful for the beneficial microbes in the soil, so I like to maintain a level of humidity at all times. In this case, frequently watering a small amount is an ideal approach. I would usually add water equivalent to around 10% of the volume of the pot at each irrigation. I hope that helps, all the best and happy growing!


Tay 2019-05-02
Can you multi water like you do with coco with these Organic nutrients. I mean like with multifeed

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-05-06
Hi Tay, there's no need to feed when using Bio Tabs, all you need to do is irrigate with water and use the correct bacterial/mycorrhizal boosters at the right time. As for watering, it's probably better to water little and often to maintain moisture levels, rather than the typical wet/dry cycles, as drying the soil out would harm the soil microorganism population. I hope that addresses your doubts. All the best and happy growing!

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