Light-Reflectors for growing cannabis indoors

The best reflectors for indoor cannabis growing

Reflectors are, along with the light-bulb and the ballast, one of the three main components of indoor lighting systems. They have the purpose to support the bulb-holder and reflect the light emitted by the bulb downwards the plants (in the most uniform possible way). It isn’t difficult to imagine that both the manufacturing materials and especially the design of the reflector will largely determine its quality and features.

The reflector is then responsible for directing the light emitted by the bulb toward the plants. The light reflection and distribution capacity of the reflector mainly depends on the shape and the material of which it’s made of. Most grow tents and growing spaces are square, so the shape of the reflector should distribute the light evenly in this space, avoiding illuminating one area of the crop more than another, which would create heat pockets.

Besides the kits where everything is included, like the LEC CMH lighting kit, there is a multitude of options on the market regarding reflectors for indoor grow lights, both for novice and for advanced and professional growers. Alchimia has made a selection among the best options to put at your disposal the best reflectors, from the simplest to the most professional models, without forgetting the practical air-cooled reflectors like Cooltube.

Adjust-a-Wings Avenger Reflector

Adjust-a-Wings Avenger Reflector

Basic reflectors for growing cannabis

Within this range we recommend two options, the Lumii reflector and the Basic Pro reflectors, with ventilation grids to evacuate the heat. Let’s see their main features in detail:

  • Lumii Reflector: One of the best basic reflectors that we can find. Its textured finish and open design get good light distribution. It includes hooks for hanging and a built-in E40 bulb-holder (with ground wire) compatible with HPS and HM bulbs (250, 400, 600 and 1000W). ALso, if you want to use CFL lights (compact fluorescent lamps), you can purchase the converter kit for Lumii reflectors, which includes the converter cable and a practical device to compensate the weight of the CFL bulb. An affordable option with excellent value for money from the British manufacturer Hydrogarden. Its dimensions are 190 x 430 x 470 mm.
Lumii reflectors

Lumii reflectors

Basic Pro reflector: with similar features than the Lumii, but with a more robust design, the Basic Pro reflector has, unlike the former, a ventilation grille on its upper part. In this way, the heat produced by the bulb escapes through the grid, making it easier to remove from the grow tent or room with an air extractor fan. It’s also compatible with 250, 400, 600 and 1000W HPS and HM bulbs ( E40 bulb-socket), as well as CFL lights without any need of using adapters. A very good basic reflector with the advantage of a ventilation grid and a robust and durable design.

Basic Pro reflectors

Basic Pro reflectors

Adjust-a-Wings reflectors from Hygro Intenational

Without a doubt, the Adjust-a-Wings reflectors with double parabola have earned great reputation in the cannabis sector during the past few years on its own merit, especially for its spectacular design and features. It distributes the light much more uniformly than basic reflectors. In addition, the manufacturer – Hygro International – has also available the Super-Spreader, a device that is attached to the base of the bulb holder and helps distributing the light and dissipating the heat produced by the bulb. There are three different versions of the Adjust-a-Wings, all of them for HPS and HM bulbs (250, 400, 600 and 1000W) or also CFL lights.

  • Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer: This is the simplest model. Its reflection rate is 86%, for a minimum of three years of constant use. Like the other versions, the shape and design of the Adjust-a-Wings Enforcer allow you to open or close its wings depending on the area to be covered.
  • Adjust-a-Wings Defender: With a reflection rate similar to the Enforcer, the Adjust-a-Wings Defender‘s surface is made of an ally of H18 aluminum and magnesium (3%), which makes it more resistant, of industrial range. The light reflection is more diffuse and uniform than that of the Enforcer.
  • Adjust-a-Wings Avenger: The top model of the range, made from a super reflective material (97%) with molten glass and titanium dioxide, with ceramic coating. It will retain its properties for 20 years.
Adjust-a-Wings Defender reflector

Adjust-a-Wings Defender reflector

Northstar reflector from Hortiline

The Hortiline reflector is a good alternative to the Adjust-a-Wings, both for the quality of the production material (European ultra-resistant aluminum with PVD layer, and a reflection rate of 97%) and for its square shaped design, which allows a more efficient and uniform light distribution on the surface of the crop.

In addition, the design of the Northstar reflector includes an opening on the top for a better evacuation of the heat generated by the bulb, which allows the temperature on the tips of the plants is significantly lower than that with other reflectors.

Like the rest of reflectors, it includes a E40 socket for bulbs with Goliath screw base and can be used with all types of HPS and HM lights.

Northstar reflectors

Northstar reflectors

Cooltube reflectors from Prima Klima

If you need to lower the temperature of the grow room/tent a few degrees, then air-cooled reflectors – like the Cooltube reflector from Prima Klima – are doubtless an excellent choice. The tubular shape of this type of reflector allows you to connect them to the air extraction fan, which will efficiently extract the heat emitted by the bulb.

These reflectors are made of glass with high resistance to hot temperatures, and includes a small reflector with wings (made of Miro9, a material with a reflection rate of 97 %) for better light reflection. It’s compatible with HPS and HM bulbs (250, 400 and 600W) and is available in two diameters: 125 and 150 mm (the 150 mm Cooltube also admits 1000W bulbs). Installing it in vertical position is also possible for those growing systems that may require it.

Cooltube reflectors

Cooltube reflectors

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  1. Darwin Crew

    LED Grow lights may be relatively new on the scene for growing cannabis, but they are quickly growing in popularity because they are so energy efficient, are easy to use and set up, and can be used for the full life cycle of your cannabis plants.

    1. Dani Alchimia

      Hi Darwin,

      You’re completely right, LED grow light are being constantly improved and they work really well when properly used!!

      Thanks for your comment.

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    would be really nice to find the Cooltube Reflector “Sputnik” from PrimaKlima in this listing. In my opinion it is the only Cooltube which really can compare with the A-a-W series. Would be nice to her your opinion on this topic! 🙂



    Darwin , are yoy the guy who was talking to DREX , how do l get one or 2 of your lights , need contact info

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