Marijuana bud trimmers

Cannabis bud trimming machines

Techniques in growing marijuana have improved, as well as the processes performed after harvesting, e.g. the process of manicuring buds. Some of us - actually most of us - have spent hours and hours, with a small scissor on our hand, leaf by leaf, manicuring our precious flowers. This  process is currently carried out by different machines that help us doing the job.

 Spin Pro Trimmer

Spin Pro is a machine designed for trimming marijuana. No electrical power is needed, so you can take it everywhere regardless of access to power.

Its structure is divided into three sections:

Spin Pro trimmer
Spin Pro trimmer

  • The top part is a bowl-shaped lid with a handle connected to the inner side of the bowl. Inside, there's a small metal structure connected to rubber bands measuring about 10 cm. These rubber pieces press marijuana buds against the grate to allow a proper trimming.
  • The middle part is composed of a grid with 1 cm slots, which enables the leaves to remain in the centre of the bowl and being trimmed by the bottom part of the grid, where an x-shaped wire is connected to the handle. When the handle is operated, the mechanism is activated so that the wire spins at a high speed while trimming the leaves and manicuring the buds. The leaves are then deposited in the bottom of the bowl.
  • The bottom part is a stainless metal bowl where the remaining leaves are deposited after trimming our buds. For a good maintenance of the device, you only need to wipe it with some alcohol to remove any residual THC from the marijuana flowers.

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Trimbox trimmer

Trimbox is a trimmer that works in a different way. While this machine requires power, one of the main advantages of Trimbox is that it is easy to use and portable.

Trimbox trimmer
Trimbox trimmer

This cylinder-shaped device is composed of different parts for easiness of use. First, at the top of the machine there is an aluminium grate with small slots of different sizes, ranging from 11 mm to 8 mm. Under the grate there is a steel blade that allows a clean cut of the leaves, without damaging the buds.

One advantage of Trimbox, if compared to other trimmers, is that it includes a vacuum-cleaner function so you don't have to use any suction device for its proper use. This is because the blade has helix shape, what allows suctioning the leafs while cutting them.

The grate and blade are placed on top of a cylinder which measures 24.2 x 24.2 x 31.8 cm, weighing only 5 Kilos.

Trimbox can be easily disassembled, so cleaning it is a quick process if we do it with a cloth soaked in alcohol just after using it. If you wait to clean it, the THC will dry and it will be a harder task.

Kermith trimmer machine

The Kermith marijuana trimmer was presented at one of the stands at the 2001 Cannabusiness in Castrop-Rauxel,. This is one of the best bud trimmers on the market, very easy to use, with which you can get good and fast results. Kermith allows you to trim bud leaves with very little effort.

It works like any other electrical trimmer , i.e. blades trimming the leaves by suction. However, in this case the suction is produced by a suction machine connected to the cutting nozzle to enable the trimming and storage of leaves that can be used to extract resin later on.

One advantage of this excellent trimmer is that, having a single trimming slot, we avoid cutting small buds out of the main one.

There are two models: one with a single nozzle and one with a double cutting nozzle.

Kermith bud trimmer
Kermith bud trimmer

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