How to store marijuana buds

Storing our marijuana buds

After harvesting and properly drying our cannabis plants, storing them is a crucial stage if we want to enjoy top grade marijuana during the following months. A correct storing process is one of the most important and most oftenly forgotten aspects of cannabis cultivation, so it requires proper attention if we want to be proud of our buds.

As happens with the drying process, canabis buds are best stored in a dark, cool place. Light degrades the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the resin glands of our buds, so we should always keep them away from light sources. Storing our marijuana in cool places also helps to preserve their cannabinoid and terpene content, but it should be noted that, while refrigeration slows down the breakdown of cannabinoids, freezing buds is not advised since the water inside the buds crystallizes and pierces the plant tissues (a phenomenon known as ice nucleation), allowing chlorophyll to escape and harm the resin glands.

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Glass jar used for storing marijuana buds

If we have to store manicured buds, they are best tightly packed so they do not rub together and harm the trichomes. We don't want loose buds, which would facilitate resin removal, but a number of flower clusters tightly packed and sealed. On the other hand, if we store buds with shade leaves they will be properly protected from abrasion and trichome degradation.

Oxygen and marijuana buds

We can use many different containers to store our dry cannabis buds. The most common used are airtight glass jars and plastic freezer bags, as well as heat-sealed plastic pouches. Polyethylene and trash bags should not be used since they breathe air and water vapour, allowing a small amount of oxygen/moisture to dry out our buds too much. Once our buds are properly cured, oxygen - along with hot temperatures and light - is our worst enemy, especially for long-term storage. If we only want to store our buds for few weeks or months, there no big deal with these factors, but if we want to store them for several months then it is crucial that they are kept in a sealed, airtight container or bag.

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Properly stored buds keep their properties intact for a long time
Wheter if we are using airtight glass jars or plastic bags - some connoisseurs claim that plastic can ruin the taste of marijuana buds - they should be kept inside another opaque container to preserve it from light degradation. As we mentioned before, while the buds are curing there is a free exhange of oxygen, what is actually what cures the buds (also causing a slow breakdown of THC to CBN). Once we have our buds with the perfect curing point for us, then it's time to seal them, so they keep their properties intact and are ready for long-term storage.

During the first 5-10 days we should open the jar lids once a day for about an hour. In this way our buds continue their slow curing process much better, refining their organoleptic features (smell and taste) while cannabinoids are slowly transformed, improving the overall quality of the buds. Depending on the pont in which we stored our buds, or in which we like them, we can do this for more or less time, and during more or less days. Once we have achieved "the perfect bud", it is time to stop this free exchange of oxygen and leave our buds completely sealed until we want to use them. As we already mentioned, our jars should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place.

We hope these tips will help you to store your prefered marijuana buds with all their properties intact for a long time!

Have a nice smoke!

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Fernando Vasquez 2016-05-28
Teach me to grow the very best I can, I can't afford to pay for the quality I desire to smoke. Thanks.

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2016-06-06
Hi Fernando, You'll find plenty of articles about cannabis farming in our Growing Guide, from how to germinate your seeds to when to harvest your plants. All the best!


Papa Indica 2015-07-20
Naturally, I have an opinion here too. Personally, I've never found a freezer bag that would keep my buds as well as a jar, no matter how much you spend on them. Canning jars are the only way to go for me! (wide-mouth mason jars)

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2015-07-21
Hi Papa Indica, I completely agree with you here, glass jars keep the buds much better than plastic bags. To remove odours from glass jars, I leave them full of water and bleach for a while, then wash them thoroughly with soap and hot water and that's it, no smell at all. Thanks for your comment!

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