How to store cannabis seeds

Storing cannabis seeds

Since they are living organisms, cannabis seeds must be stored under certain temperature and humidity conditions, otherwise they gradually lose their germination potential, what may cause the germination process to take up to 6-7 days. In worst cases, seeds don't even germinate, when they should have done it within the first 48-72 hours since we started the germination process.

Cannabis seeds stored with silica gel (Photo: Dinafem)

Since marijuana seeds are relatively expensive, we should know how to properly store them so we don't waste money and time for not having our seeds correctly stored before the germination process begins.

Optimal conditions for storing cannabis seeds

Most grow shops and seed suppliers store their seeds in refrigeration chambers, thus creating the perfect environment to maximize the longevity of the seeds.

Temperatures between 4º and 8ºC and humidity levels between 10% and 20% are perfect to keep cannabis seeds in perfect conditions. Seeds should also be kept away from any light source, since it is another factor that can harm our seeds and decrease their germination potential.

Silica gel crystals absorve humidity

Thus, the best way to store our seeds can be an opaque, airtight container containing few silica gel sachets to keep humidity levels low (remember that the ideal humidity should be 10-20%). Put the container in the fridge; normally, people have their refrigerators at 4ºC, so putting the container inside the vegetble shelf is the best option, since temperatures are slightly higher there (as we mentioned, seeds should be kept at 4-8ºC).

Cannabis seeds can be perfectly viable after more than 7-8 years if kept in good conditions, what can be reduced to few years (2-3) in case of not meeting these parameters. We have recently (2015) tested 25 seeds harvested in 2007 with a 24/25 germination ratio. Those seeds were kept as this post explains.

You can read our article about how to germinate cannabis seeds for further information on the germination process.

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Comments in “How to store cannabis seeds” (2)


Tyler Durden 2021-11-21
You're basically advising people to kill their seeds if they follow your advice and store them in airtight containers with silica gel packs. Humidity between 10-20% will quickly dry out the seeds and they won't germinate. The ideal humidity should be between 30-40%, mimicking winter conditions, but not so arid that the seed is damaged.

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2021-11-23
Hi, thanks for your comment. The storage method that we (and the seed banks we stock) recommend will not cause the seeds to dry up and become inviable. The silica gel packs serve to maintain the desired humidity levels, and while seeds can be stored for some time at 20-30% humidity, for long term storage at cold temperatures, it really is much better to keep them at 10-20%. I think the key is not to over-dry the seeds in the first place (ideally to a moisture content of around 5%), then to store them in a hermetic container, separated from the desiccant by a sponge or cotton wool. Thanks again, all the best!


Papa Indica 2015-08-28
I just had a very disappointing experience with not having my seeds kept under optimal conditions. I had just a half dozen seeds left that I had managed to save from the last crop I ever grew outdoors with my cousin a few years back, before my disability prevented me from doing outdoor grows. The strain was Domina, I believe it may have been a Black Domina, and it was really potent and tasty stuff, (verging on too potent sometimes). I don't generally grow regular seeds, I stick with feminized if I can, but I figured if I could at least get one good female to take cuts from it would be worth having to deal with the extra's to get this strain going again. I had them tossed into the back of a drawer with some other bag seed that I had thrown in there a few years back and I went and dug them out very excited at the idea of getting this going again. Needless to say, I was unable to get them to germinate for me. Luckily, I didn't have any money invested in them. Sadly, it was a very nice strain that I'd like to have going now that I have my indoor growing figured a bit better, and it did have a bit of sentimental value. Take care of your seeds!

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