Smell control in the cannabis grow room

Cannabis odour control in indoor cultivation

Cannabis cultivation has more followers every day, be it for the medicinal properties of the cannabinoids or recreational use. As more and more people, as well as associations, choose interior growing methods, there is a clear need for precautions that mask the smell of the plants, especially during budding.

One of the riskiest factors of growing is without doubt the strong odour that is given off by most varieties of marijuana that can alert neighbours or the authorities. Because of this most growers use a system of odour control to either mask or eliminate the smell that comes from interior growing set-ups.

Anti-odour systems for cannabis grow rooms

We can find many anti-odour systems that either camouflage or eliminate the smell of the plants. There is a wide range of products that differ greatly in price and features. What follows is a brief over-view of these products.

One gel is a potent air freshener
One gel is a potent air freshener

Ona, anti-odour gels and diffusers

Ona is a Canadian company that has made anti-odour products since 1995, for hydroponic set-ups, processing plants and drainage systems. They offer many products, the best of which are below:

  • Ona Mist is a spray that neutralizes odour molecules rapidly. It is perfect for eliminating smells at home or in the car in just a few seconds. It has organic ingredients and is safe for children, animals and around food.
  • Ona Gel is made up of small cubes of gel that eliminate unwanted smells, leaving a pleasant scent in the air. It is used by simply opening the box (or by removing a small quantity of cubes) and they will be effective until they are dry. Many growers place small quantities of these cubes in the air vents ensuring that the air expulsed smells pleasantly. They come in various different odours, each to their own. It can be used together with the automatic dispenser, Ona Breeze, to improve efficiency.
  • Ona Block is similar to Ona Gel but in this case they are solid 170g tablets that can be left in a room or the desired space.

The Neutralizer

The Neutralizer is an award winning product (Best European Product 2013, European Product Awards) and works like any other plug-in air freshener or mosquito plug. To use it, just insert the cartridge and plug it in. The liquid is made up of essential oils and neutralizes odours in the vicinity and leaves behind a pleasant aroma.

It works in spaces up to 375m3 and will last for 5 to 6 weeks when working 24 hours a day which makes it an interesting option for freeing ourselves of undesired smells. The Neutralizer also comes in a compact version that works in spaces up to 20m3 and will last as long as the larger model. Replaceable cartridges are available for both versions.

The Neutralizer complete kit
The Neutralizer complete kit


The Vaportronic by Vaportec is a small dispenser that uses anti-odour discs of 6 or 12g that are impregnated with the active material Neutrox Gama. It can be programmed to work at different time periods and can be loaded with up to 5 anti-odour discs, called EZ disks. It needs a battery, type D, to work.

The anti-odour discs last about 50 days and will work effectively in spaces up to 60m3, leaving a smell of eucalyptus or pine.

The Vaportronic uses EZ disks

Active carbon filters

Active carbon filters are the most popular choice to eliminate odours from grow rooms or grow tents, and works even during the budding of the most aromatic varieties. In order to work properly you will need a tubular air extractor that has the necessary capacity for the space.

The air that is extracted from the grow tent passes through the filter that is full of small active carbon pellets, and exits odour free. A carbon filter, unlike the aforementioned systems, does not perfume the air, instead the odour is eliminated from the air that passes through it, leaving it odour free.

It is available in different diameters (100,125,150,200 & 250mm) and sizes/capacities.

Alchimia carbon filters by Can-Filters


Ozonizers are one of the most effective options for eliminating undesired odours. Ozone is a gas (o3) which is generated artificially through the activation of ambient oxygen by way of high voltage electrical discharges. This has an important deordorising action, both microbicidal and oxygenating, and is highly effective at completely eliminating odours.

There are many ozonizers available that use this principle:

  • The Auto 12v ozonizer from King Ozono is a car ozonizer that can be connected directly to the lighter socket to enjoy the benefits of ozone in our own vehicle. It consumes 6w/hour and can produce up to 5mg of ozone an hour.
  • The ozonizer K-100 from King Ozono is designed to work in spaces of up to 100m3 (about 20m2), liberating almost 30mg of ozone per hour. It is installed on a wall and can be directly plugged into an electrical socket. If the space is larger, up to 200m3 (40m2) try the ozonizer K-100 Plus that liberates 60mg of ozone per hour.
  • The ozonizer OzoVida 1300 by Necen is a good option for greater deodorising capacity. It is also installed on a wall and can be plugged straight into a socket. It is designed to function in a space of up to 600m3 and can produce up to 130mg of ozone an hour.
  • The tube ozonizer Steril Tube is one of the most effective ozonizers on the market. It is designed by King Ozono to be installed inside an air extraction system, fiiting snugly inside the tube or conduct, effectively eliminating the odours that pass through it. It, like the active carbon filters, needs the air extraction system to function. It is available in the following diameters: 110,125 &150mm and comes with a European or British plug.

110mm Steril Tube ozonizer
110mm Steril Tube ozonizer, one of the best options to remove smells

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