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Ozone, the cannabis cultivator's friend

Ozone (O3) is a substance that is a colourless gas at ambient temperature and pressure, giving off an acrid smell; Thanks to its high oxidising power, this gas has a great ability to disinfect and eliminate odours. Nowadays, ozone has many applications in areas as diverse as industry, agriculture, or domestic sanitation, being of particular interest for the indoor cannabis cultivation.

The ozone molecule (O3) is composed of three oxygen atoms (O2) formed by dissociating the two atoms that make up oxygen
The ozone molecule (O3) is composed of three oxygen atoms (O2) formed by dissociating the two atoms that make up oxygen (Image © Siyavula Education)

Atmospheric ozone is best known for forming the infamous ozone layer; This is a type of pure ozone that is found in different concentrations between 10 and 40 km above sea level, its two main functions being to act as a filter for ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun and as an air purifier.

Ozone has the honor of being the first allotrope of a chemical element identified by science. In 1785, a Dutch chemist called Martinus van Marum noticed a strange smell while carrying out experiments with electric shocks and water and believed that the smell came from the electrical reactions; in fact, that smell came from the ozone he had created without realising it.

Since then, both the techniques to generate ozone and the number of uses for it have grown tremendously, and for a good while now ozone generators and cannabis cultivation have gone hand in hand, where the main application of ozone is to neutralise the distinctive smell of cannabis plants thanks to the massive deodorising power of this gas.

Indizono Ozone generator, 7000 mg/h
Indizono Ozone Generator, 7000 mg/h

Indizono Ozonisers, odour-free cannabis cultivation

The ozone generator that we are going to talk about today is the Indizono Ozoniser, available in three different diameters. This efficient device uses ceramic electrode plates to convert oxygen into ozone using a proprietary technology patented by Indizono.

Operation is very simple; the extraction system conducts air from inside the grow tent to the Indizono unit, which transforms the oxygen molecules from the air into ozone. This action eliminates any traces of cannabis aroma, although in extreme cases it can be used in combined with activated carbon filters, as in industrial applications.

Indizono Ozonizers work to deodorise the air in a simple way, completely eliminating the smell of cannabis in the most difficult situations. Indizono units offer equal or superior efficiency to ozoniser systems using lamps, and at the same time consume less energy, therefore delivering a higher performance.

A look at the ceramic plates in the Indizono 150mm Ozoniser
A look at the ceramic plates in the Indizono 150mm Ozoniser

The Indizono brand offers three models of Ozonizers with different diameters to easily adapt to the different measurements of air extraction equipment for cannabis cultivation. The smaller model measures 150 mm in diameter, with an ozone production of 3500mg/h; Next in size, the medium Indizono measures 200mm in diameter and the large one measures 250mm, both with an ozone production of 7000mg/h.

These ozone generators are very simple to install. Choose the model that matches the diameter of the air duct connecting to the extractor fan; This section of ducting between the extractor and the ozoniser must be at least 3 metres in length. At the other end, another section of ducting with the same diameter will be connected, which will carry the odour-free air to the exterior.

Once installed and with the air extraction equipment in operation, we can connect the ozone generator. From that moment, all the air inside the crop evacuated by extractor will pass through the system of electrodes and ceramic plates inside the ozoniser duct, completely neutralising the aroma of cannabis coming from the grow space.

These ozone generators are capable of dealing with large volumes of air - 3000 m3 for 150mm, 6000 m3 for 200mm, and 7000 m3 for the 250mm model. Energy consumption is very discrete - 30w, 40w and 50w respectively, from the smallest to the largest of the appliances. Each ozoniser has a pair of rings fixed to the top to allow us to hang the device, facilitating installation and entry and exit of air.

Important: these units have been designed exclusively for use with the generated ozone evacuated to the exterior, never extract into closed areas where there may be people or animals. When ozone concentration levels exceed 200 micrograms/m3, it can provoke irritation to the eyes and throat.

Indizono Ozoniser 250mm (7000mg/h)
Indizono Ozoniser 250mm (7000mg/h)

Another important aspect is the connection and disconnection of the ozoniser. The device must only be connected once the extraction equipment is running, and always stop it before turning off the exhaust fan. The ozone generator must be continuously cooled by air when connected. Once the unit is turned off, we must wait 30 seconds before switching on again.

The maintenance of these ozone generators for cannabis grows is minimal; simply inspect the inside of the ducts from time to time and clean away any dust or other residue accumulated there. Naturally, before carrying out any cleaning or other maintenance we'll disconnect the ozoniser and the extraction equipment. As with any electrical device, never tamper with the inside of the ozoniser when it is connected, there is a very real danger of electrocution!

The ceramic plates have a life of between 14-18 months, and their replacement is very simple thanks to the Replacement Indizono plate 3500 mg/h. With the ozoniser disconnected, the used ceramic plate is removed and the replacement plate is connected, 1 plate for the 150mm, and two plates for the 200mm and 250mm.

Replacement Indizono 3500 mg/h ceramic plate
Replacement Indizono 3500 mg/h ceramic plate

Indizono Ozone generators are the perfect complement for all air extraction equipment in an indoor cannabis grow, especially in complicated situation, where the smell of cannabis must go unnoticed. Indizono Ozonisers and their components are available at growshop Alchimia/a>.

Happy and... discreet growing.

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