7 high yielding cannabis strains

Among the myriad of marijuana strains available on the market nowadays, some of them stand out for certain traits which have been fixed during the breeding process and that will determine the main characteristics of each genetics. The most desirable and sought-after traits are normally fast flowering, certain size or flavour or very high yield.

In this article we'll focus on those cannabis varieties that stand out for their abundant production of buds, without a doubt one of the most desirable traits for growers. Indeed, you may know people looking for different flavours, or certain growth pattern, or a specified bloom period...but all of them love their plants to produce abundant harvests!

Yields of some strains are considerably higher than others
Yields of some strains are considerably higher than others

Highly productive cannabis strains

Among our category of productive cannabis strains we can find genetics sharing some the aforementioned traits, but all of them offer excellent production of flowers, which is normally above 500g/m2 (if growing conditions are optimal). Let's take a look now at some of the most interesting ones, especially if traits like easy cultivation, quality and a relatively short bloom period are also to be considered.

Lemon OG Candy by Philosopher Seeds

Lemon OG Candy is one of the latest additions to Philosopher Seeds catalogue of feminised seeds. She comes from a crossing between Amnesia Haze and Super Lemon OG, with a production of buds of around 500-600g/m2. However, she is also very easy to grow, while her vegetative vigour ensures that you won't have to waste much time during the growth period. Moreover, her spectacular citric flavour - with delicious Haze and Kush notes - has delighted many growers! An ideal strain if you're looking for an easy to grow, early Sativa, versatile and with awesome flavour. Available in packs of 1, 3, 5 and 25 feminised seeds.

Lemon OG Candy is a highly productive cannabis strain
Lemon OG Candy is a highly productive cannabis strain

Pink Gorilla by Mosca Seeds

Pink Gorilla is one of the most productive varieties developed by the breeders at Mosca Seeds. Is is a hybrid between the coveted Gorilla Glue #4 and Pink 2.0, a cross between Starfighter F2 and Predator Pink. Besides her high yield (which is close to 600g of dried buds per square meter), we must also highlight her early flowering - 8/9 weeks - and unique flavour, which blends sour, earthy and sweet notes. Simply amazing! According to the seed bank, the pink phenotype is heavier than the green one, representing the true standard of the variety. Available in packs of 10 regular seeds.

Honey B by Barney's Farm

With an awesome production of 650g/m2 and genetics that the guys at Barney's Farm want to keep secret, Honey B is doubtless one of the most highly productive Sativas developed by this Dutch seed company. Despite her relatively long flowering period - 85 days - she'll reward the grower with top grade buds with floral and sweet notes, as well as a stimulating and euphoric effect worthy of the best tropical Sativas. A sure bet if you want a quality Sativa with astounding yield. Available in packs of 5 and 10 feminised seeds.

Honey B from Barney's Farm, a highly productive Sativa
Honey B from Barney's Farm, a highly productive Sativa

Eli by R-Kiem Seeds

As you may already know, R-Kiem Seeds strains are synonymous with quality, especially in terms of resin extraction. Eli is probably the top yielder of this experienced seed bank, with a flowering period of 9 weeks and yields close to 600g/m2. Eli comes from a hybridisation between a pure landrace from Ghana and the legendary Rosetta Stone, another strain that you should try if you're looking for a high yielding variety with high resistance to pests. Her Haze flavour with mandarin notes will captivate you! Available in packs of 3 and 5 feminised seeds.

Critical + 2.0 by Dinafem

When Dinafem released their new version of the acclaimed Critical Mass - a true classic in the Spanish scene - we knew she'd quickly become a top seller. Critical + 2.0 yields around 700g/m2, being one of the most productive genetics on the market. And she only needs 45-50 days to complete the bloom cycle! It's ideal for the SCROG technique and has an intense flavour reminiscent of Skunk lines with afghan dominance. If you want to grow a high yielding, easy to grow strain, you must give it a try! Available in packs of 1, 3, 5, 10 and 25 feminised seeds.

Dinafem's Critical + 2.0, high yields and early flowering
Dinafem's Critical + 2.0, high yield and early flowering

Super Bud by Green House Seeds

Super Bud is a cross between a variety known for its high performance, Big Bud, and a Skunk plant. Developed by Green House Seeds to offer one of the most productive strains out there, she is ready to harvest after just 8 weeks and produces up to 900g/m2 in indoor grow rooms, up to 1kg per plant if grown outdoors. Her flavour reminds of the best Skunk lines, while the effect is relaxing and narcotic, ideal to treat stress and/or anxiety. One of the top yielders of our catalogue! Available in packs of 3, 5 and 10 feminised seeds.

Acid Dough by Ripper Seeds

Finally, we invite you to discover an awesome hybrid developed by Ripper Seeds by crossing the popular Lilly with their OG Badazz, the one and only Acid Dough. This 80% Sativa genetics only needs 9 weeks to produce 500-600g/m2 of top grade dried buds, almost yielding one gram per watt. Her fruity and sweet scent - with pineapple notes - takes you to a tropical paradise, while her stimulating and motivating effect is ideal to smoke daily and combine it with your activities. If temperatures drop a little bit during the bloom stage, she'll develop beautiful purple hues and a thick layer of resin glands. Available in packs of 1, 3 and 5 feminised seeds.

Acid Dough by Ripper Seeds, a Sativa with awesome production
Acid Dough by Ripper Seeds, a Sativa with awesome production

As you can see, there's a wide range of possibilities if you want a productive strain, you only have to find one that suits your personal taste. Either way, we're quite sure that you'll find a variety that makes you smile when harvest time comes! Do not hesitate to share here your recommendations!

Happy harvests!

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HJ Puff and Stuff 2019-05-05
Greatful for a genuine updated reference outside of the copy cat realm of the older strains. Southern Australia can have a great latitude for outdoor grows. La Nin`a /El nin`o pending can burst your bubble when a hybrid ratio to the sativa finishes early May after spending hours touching, feeling and smelling your way through a long flowering finish. Sometimes a sativa is desired after a hybrid/indica wares out its desired and different trait. 'Knock yourself out.'


Frans Is an Alchimia client 2019-04-28
Please need the seeds that has the highest CBG strain please.

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-04-29
Hi Frans, thanks for the question. You can read more about CBG in our Cannabigerol blog post here. You'll find a few suggestions for varieties with above-average CBG levels, although, in most cannabis plants, this won't be much over 4-5% in the best cases (I cultivated a Panama x Bangi Haze from Ace Seeds that tested at just under 4% CBG, with nearly 20% THC). CBG is a secondary cannabinoid, and indeed is the plant's precursor to other cannabinoids, combining with synthases to produce THC, CBD and CBC, so there's a chance that harvesting early would yield higher CBG numbers but this would have to be experimented with and lab-tested for verification. High-CBG hemp varieties have been created, with some having a cannabinoid profile of up to 99.5% CBG! These varieties, however, are not yet available for sale to the public, and will most likely be used for the mass-production of low-THC, high-CBG products. We can only hope that some breeders are working towards releasing high-CBG varieties on to the market soon, there seems to be an increasing demand for this non-psychoactive cannabinoid. All the best, happy growing!

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