The Origins of Diesel

Origins of Diesel cannabis strains

In recent years, Diesel strains have become, by their own merits, one of the most popular cannabis genetics, seeked by growers and users both for its intense and special taste and for its strong effect, mainly caused by THC contents which can exceed 20% in most specimens. As it often happens in the world of cannabis, the exact origin of this genetics is uncertain, although one of the most commonly accepted theories tells us that it'd be directly related to the Chemdog and, later, also to the OG Kush marijuana.

Sour Diesel develops spectacular calyxes

Therefore, to clarify the origins of Diesel we need to know more about the mythical Chemdog strain - often called Chemdawg - and how it reached the East Coast of the United States.

Grateful Dead and Chem cannabis

On the 6th or 7th of June 1991, during a concert of Grateful Dead at the Deer Creek Amphitheater in Noblesville, Indiana, a young breeder called Chemdog met Joebrand (alias Wonkanobe) and Pbud in the parking lot, who sold him a 500$ bag of a pot called Dog Bud (grown indoors near the California-Oregon border). Surprised by the quality of the buds, Chemdog asked them for their number, and they later agreeded that they would send him a couple more bags to the East Coast. According to Chemdog himself, one of these bags contained only sinsemilla, while he found 13 seeds in the other bag, to the surprise of Pbud and Joebrand, who had been buying these buds for more than a year without ever finding any seed. The male parent of these seeds remains unknown, and even the possibility  of a self-pollination has been considered.

dinachem from dinafem
Dinachem, Dinafem's version of Chemdog

That same year, Chemdog germinated 4 of these seeds; one of them was a male that was discarded (Chemdog was still very young, 17 years, and didn?t notice the potential of this plant) while the other three - which were females - were labeled as follows:

  • Chemdog (today known as '91 Chemdog)
  • Chemdog "a" (today called Chemdog's Sister)
  • Chemdog "b"

10 years later, in 2001, Chemdog and his girlfriend tried to germinate 3 more seeds, labeled as "c", "d" and "e". The "e" never sprouted, the "c" turned out to be mediocre, while the "d" has been preserved until today, known as Chemdog D or Chem D.

In 2006, Chemdog and Joebrand met again and Joebrand got 4 of the last 6 seeds. He labeled them from #1 to #4 and kept the #4, which he called "Reunion pheno" since he considered it the most similar phenotype to the original genetics. If we are to believe this, Chemdog would be still keeping the last 2 seeds today.

Chemdog and his friends - most of them were underground breeders - developed several hybrids from the Chemdog marijuana. These ones became especially popular:-

  • Giesel (Chem D x Massachussetts Super Skunk)
  • Bubble Chem (Chemdog's Sister x Sag's Blueberry)
  • Chemhaze (Chem D x '93 NL#5/Haze, also called Dawg Daze)
  • Super Snowdawg (Bubble Chem x Super Skunk/Oregon Sno)
  • Chemdog D x Pbud (variedad old school de Colorado)

OG Kush and Diesel cannabis

In 1992, JJ and Weasel met in New York City's Central Park, and shortly afterwards Weasel obtained the Massachusetts Super Skunk and the '91 Chemdog from Chemdog, although he didn't like this name and changed it for Diesel or New York City Diesel. Just a couple of years later, in 1995, the Original Diesel came in - also known as Underdawg, Diesel #1, Headband or Daywrecker Diesel - a hybrid developed by Weasel from the '91 Chemdog and a Massachusetts Super Skunk x Sensi Seeds Northern Lights cross.

Soon, the famous Sour Diesel - also called East Coast Sour Diesel, or simply ECSD - was created by accident when a whole crop of '91 Chemdog was pollinated by DNL (Northern Lights x RFK Skunk/Hawaiian) or by Massachusetts Super Skunk (JJ-NYC).

chemdog feminized
Chemdog from Green House Seeds

There seems to be no relationship at all between the American Diesel lines and the New York City Diesel from Soma (so popular in Europe thanks to the Mandarin Cut), neither in relation to the organoleptic traits nor to the effect, which is milder than American Diesel genetics.

We cannot tell this story without mentioning the OG Kush strain . There are several theories about its origins: for some people, it is simply a sister of the Sour Diesel. For others, it is a self-pollination of the '91 Chemdog selected in the Lake Tahoe area in 1996. Finally, the third and most widely accepted theory (Kailua Kid from Sierra Seed Company) tells that it'd be a cross between a Chemdog clone and a Lemon Thai x Old World Paki Kush hybrid developed in Northern California; this theory would explain the "Kush" in the name of the variety, while the "OG" would probably mean "Ocean Grown" (grown near the ocean).

From here, different clones of the popular OG Kush were selected, kept and shared, such as the Tahoe Cut (introduced to the community by Swerve in the nineties), the San Fernando Valley or SFV cut (coming from the area with the same name) or the Raskal's OG cut (also from the San Fernando area) among many others.

OG Kush bud in macro view
OG Kush Bud

Today, we can find a large number of hybrids developed from Diesel and OG Kush genetics, which gives us a hint about the quality of these strains, characterized by a very intense cerebral effect and an unmistakable blend of diesel, earthy, piney and citric notes.

JJ-NYC is one of the breeders that has developed different varieties from the original genetics. He performed different tests with Hindu Kush and Afghani seeds from the Sensi Seeds Bank, developing a backcross called Double Dawg (Chemdog D x Afghani) which he backcrossed again, thus creating the Tres Dawg. Tres Dawg has been used for developing numerous hybrids of excellent quality, like Star Dawg (Chem 4 x Tres Dawg), White Dawg (The White x Tres Dawg) or Original New York City Diesel ('91 Chemdog x Tres Dawg). Rez from Reservoir Seeds has also used this genetics in his breeding projects, offering extraordinary versions like Sour Diesel IBL, mother plant of the renowned Riri cut, selected in France by Riri in 2006.

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Comments in “The Origins of Diesel” (8)


Hdog69 2023-10-07
I’m late to finding Alchimiaweb and am amazed by the content! We just legalized here in Minnesota, so I’m absorbing everything I can right now. In this article they mention finding 13 seeds, A, B, C etc… Does this indicate that seeds from the same parent plant can result in very different ‘child’ plants when grown out? Better/worse buds or growth, higher/lower THC, etc? I was expecting they’d all be, generally, the same… Live and learn! Keep up the high quality content, I’m lovin’ it!

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2023-10-09
Hi Hdog69, So glad to hear about these exciting news in Minesota, good for you guys!! Cannabis hybrids can be more or less stable, it all depends on the previous work done by the breeder. Some strains are more stable than others, so you'll find plants with traits similar to each other. Ont he other hand, you can find other hybrids that may show different phenotypes in the offspring, that is, plants from the same generation but with different traits. We¡re talking about important traits like height, potency, flavor or yields. That is why some clones are so valued, because they are outstanding when compared to the strain standard (in other words, when compared to her sisters). Happy growing!!

Alchimia Staff

Vincent 2023-12-21
Hello, thank you for your support! Yes, depending on the parent's genetics, the seeds from a same plant can turn out to be pretty different. Best regards!


Proud Kraut 2023-09-20
Enjoyed reading. Especially the lineage on a few chosen Diesel varieties is convenient. Pretty precise ive homestudied these for some time now and the info is oretty accurate. NYC Diesel from Soma definitely is the misfit but a great one. The Afg.Hawaiian male he used allegedly came from Shantibaba, now wonder the outcome was great. I personally enjoyed the NYC Diesel for all it brought out. One i hear not much about but thats definitely great also is the Emerald Traingle Lemon Diesel...Karma Genetics also putting in serious work...


Josh NYC 2022-11-22
My father and I grew Chemdog in our basement in Flushing Queens, in the house I grew up in. Never met the guys who supplied our clones, I wonder if any of them are still around?


Victoria Is an Alchimia client 2022-08-07
All of this information is very good. I am a medical marijuana user and Sour Diesel is the best at helping me with my pain. My question is why aren't more growers growing this strain? I live in SE Oklahoma and it is very hard or damn near impossible to find it here! I have people looking in OKC too!

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2022-08-08
Hi Victoria, thanks for your comment and question. I'm a huge fan of Sour D as well, I love the flavour and the extremely potent effect. It's one of those varieties that seems to go in and out of fashion, and now, after a while in the shadows, it seems to be making a bit of a comeback, increasing in popularity, at least among seed-makers and home growers. It's true that it's not often seen in many dispensaries or clubs, but I think that is due to its relatively long flowering time, usually needing around 11 weeks or more of bloom period to deliver its best qualities. This is enough to put most commercial cultivators off entirely, an extra 3+ weeks of flowering than the average doesn't make economical sense to them, unfortunately. If you can't find any, then the best advice I can give you is to try and grow some Sour D for yourself, I'm pretty sure it's legal to grow up to 6 plants if you have a medical card in OK. There's a load of info and tips here on our blog that would help you get started too. I hope that helps, best wishes and happy growing!


Order66 2019-03-22
Soma’s “diesel” is really like a “ruby red grapefruit” weed both in flavor and looks. Not bad, but not that greasy stank from proper East Coast Sour D


Richard 2019-03-06
I'm trying to determine if Sour Diesel and EAST COAST Sour Diesel are the same - - or different. I am a medical marijuana user and obtained/used Sour Diesel from my dispensary in NJ which was very helpful to my medical needs. However, now they are only selling EAST COAST Sour Diesel. I am hoping they are the same thing/strain, but I cannot get a definitive answer on this. I really depended on Sour Diesel (not ECSD). Thanks. R

Alchimia Staff

Tim Alchimia 2019-03-06
Hi Richard, thanks for your question. In theory, the ECSD is the same as the Sour Diesel, however, it depends on whether the dispensary is telling the truth or not regarding the cut they're growing. As far as I understand it, ECSD and SD are the same, whereas NYCD (New York City Diesel) is a Sour Diesel x Hawaiian/Afghani hybrid made by Soma Seeds of Amsterdam and is definitely not the same thing! Good luck, I hope it does the trick for you. Best wishes and happy smoking!


Mike 2018-10-03
I lived in Crested Butte Colorado just over the pass from Paonia. This was the origin of the famous Pbud name this was around 83-84. Always outdoors grown lime green to purple in color buds the size of your forearm. Always arriving around the second week of October. I remember harvest party’s the night it would arrive in town. Pounds and pounds of it. 25 dollars a1/4. 400 1/4 lb. Wow those we the days. Great article, haven not thiught of Pbud in years. I hear it stil sound down there strain saved by smart people


Drew 2018-09-04
Thank you for writing this article! With all respect, I noticed a small error is your article in regards to the history of Chemdog, that I feel necessary for clarifying. "...a young breeder called Chemdog met Joebrand (alias Wonkanobe) and Pbud in the parking lot..". The young breeder named Chemdog was not named Chemdog prior to receiving and renaming the strain. My source of information is PBud Mike who as you know, first got his hands on this week. Chemdog's name is Greg, and the name originated when Greg first tried it. He said it had a chemical/fuel smell/taste to it, so he added Chem to Dogbud to get Chemdog. Greg didn't call himself Chemdog until after the herb was re-dubbed. Great article, I learned a lot! Cheers!

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